Avatar regains its throne, as the highest grossing film of all time / Here's Your Review

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If a short time ago it had been displaced by the Avengers saga, a re-release in China returns it to the podium as the highest grossing film of all time, accounting for a gross of 2,800 million dollars!

And here you have the review of this great movie!


Jake's hand, he was a scientist who worked for the Avatar project and for having the same genetic information inside him then Jake becomes the perfect candidate to handle one of these beings that is a genetic creation made by humans of an alien race called Na'vi from a moon of the planet Polyphemus named Pandora, which is uninhabitable for humans due to its high content of hydrogen sulfide.

Pandora is a site with great biodiversity, there is a tree, which the indigenous people call the mother tree due to its extraordinary properties.

Unfortunately, there is a clan of the Na'vi that is settled around the mother tree, these beings are very similar to humans in physiognomy, but they are much larger; They are blue, have certain feline features and also have a carbon fiber skeleton that has been formed in them naturally.
This clan in turn is on top of a large amount of a mineral that is supposed to end all the energy problems of the earth, the mineral is called unobtanium.

For this reason the Avatar project is carried out, in which Jake must win the trust of the indigenous people to negotiate his transfer to another site, so that humans can take the valuable resource and be satisfied both sides; If this does not happen then Colonel Quaritch will be forced to use military force to obtain said mineral.

Jake arrives at the laboratory where the avatars are found, it is here where he meets Dr. Grace Augustine, who; she is not entirely pleased with Jake's presence, since he is a soldier and her brother was instead a scientist, it is for this reason that she thinks that she may unconsciously sabotage the program.
Jake enters the link chamber to transfer consciousness from him to the avatar; It is then that he awakens in his new body and realizes that now he can move the legs of the avatar that was previously his brother.

When he leaves, the first thing he does is run to experience that sensation again. After this Jake leaves the liaison chamber and returns to his usual body. Later, he meets Colonel Quaritch, who offers him the deal to regain his legs in his legitimate body if in exchange he infiltrates the Na'vi to obtain information on how to force them out of the place where they are.


Jake, Dr. Augustine and another scientist named Norm Spellman, connect with their respective avatars, and are transported by pilot Trudy Chacón to the middle of the Pandora forest to do an investigation. Since Jake does not know much about the subject, he begins to be impressed by the flora of the site, but then a wild animal appears. Jake's first instinct is to shoot, unfortunately, being very nervous he fails in his attempt and begins to run; He desperately throws himself down a waterfall and thus manages to escape from the creature, that is when it is lost and his companions cannot find it.

Night falls and Jake tries to survive in this new place; Suddenly, he is attacked by a group of wild animals; someone comes to defend him and kills one of these animals. This girl happens to be called Neytiri who belongs to one of the Na’vi clans that she bears by name Omaticaya.

What Jake doesn't know is that Neytiri was about to assassinate him, but a series of seeds from the mother tree landed on him and this is taken by the girl as a sign. For this reason, she decides to take Jake to her tribe, which is led by her father; her name is Eytukan.

Eytukan does not want the boy to stay, since they have had bad experiences with "the people of heaven", because they want to learn from the Na'vi and do not trust their intentions. Meanwhile Neytiri's mother, who is the spiritual leader, notices something strange in the former marine and intercedes for him; she also advises that she be the girl who guides the now newcomer Jake Sully.

Jake begins to learn about the indigenous people, their customs, language, as well as to relate through a special bond that the Na'vi have with terrestrial and aerial creatures, and above all learning about Eywa, the deity of the Na'vi , who is mother nature.
Jake periodically informs Colonel Quaritch about how to destroy the mother tree, however, as time passes, and through the relationship with the members of the tribe, Jake will begin to feel part of it and fall in love with the tribe. planet and his new lifestyle, almost completely forgetting about his mission.

The day of the initiation arrives and then Colonel Quaritch communicates with Jake to inform him that his mission has ended and that he can go to earth to receive the part of the deal from him; but Jake convinces him to stay until after the initiation ceremony, and tells him that this way he can convince the tribe to leave the site peacefully, making things easier for the humans.


Dr. Augustine also becomes part of the tribe thanks to Jake's influence. It is then when night comes and after the ceremony, Jake and Neytiri go to the tree of voices, which is the place where the prayers are made and some of them get answers since it is the direct connection with Eywa.
Once there, they both confess their love for each other and bond as a couple.

The next morning, the humans have arrived on Pandora. Upon realizing this, Jake talks to Colonel Quaritch and rushes to get to the village where he must reveal his true identity, along with that of Dr. Grace; since he only has an hour because Quaritch has realized his rebellion and decided to disconnect the link cameras of the avatars. Knowing this, the Omaticaya feel betrayed and decide to stay to fight. Humans use heavy artillery and enter the area; the Omaticaya try to resist the attacks, but the Colonel and his troops are stronger.

The confrontation unfolds and the Na'vi must flee, not before taking the avatar of Dr. Grace, but abandoning that of Jake. Many are killed, including Neytiri's father and village chief.

Grace, Jake and her partner Norm are disconnected from the avatars and imprisoned by Colonel Quaritch, due to their rebellion.
Meanwhile the pilot Trudy Chacón realizes what is happening and goes to the cell where the scientists are and helps them escape aboard an aircraft; when trying to do this they are surprised by the Colonel; who opens fire on the ship; luckily the scientists and Trudy manage to escape, but they realize that Dr. Augustine is seriously injured due to one of the Colonel's shots.


Upon arriving at the site where the liaison cameras are located, Jake begins to think about how to earn the respect of the Na'vi again; and he remembers one of the stories told by Neytiri; In which, there is a kind of legendary bird called Toruk, which is the most dangerous and of Pandora, it is also almost impossible to tame unless it is the chosen one.

Jake goes to the place where the bird is and manages to tame it; becoming creditor of what according to the legend narrated by Neytiri would be like the supreme leader of all the existing Na'vi clans.
In this way and now turned into Toruk-Macto, Jake goes to the new settlement of the Omaticaya to ask them to please help him save the life of Dr. Augustine; her whose human body is very injured and could only be saved through a definitive transfer to the avatar that she this she has used.
They all recognize Jake as the new leader and agree to his demand; even Neytiri decides to forgive him.


The ritual is carried out, in which the Doctor's human body is taken to the tree of souls and Eywa is asked to transfer her consciousness to her avatar; And despite the fact that everything seems to be going very well, before the time is up to achieve the connection, the doctor dies in her human body and it is not possible to complete it. However, the doctor's mind and soul are now part of Pandora.

Jake now dominated by rage asks the Omaticaya to accompany him to form a rebellion along with the other Na’vi tribes that are in Pandora, since he is the supreme leader. Apart from all this support, he asks Eywa to help him win the war, even when this has never been requested from the deity before, because the deity is only responsible for maintaining balance and has never been part of any war before.

The colonel realizes this and decides to send all the troops with heavy artillery for a final confrontation.
The fight begins and the Na'vi are subdued by the force of the military. During the confrontation many of the inhabitants of Pandora die, as well as the pilot Trudy Chacón; when all seems lost, Pandora's creatures begin to attack humans, proving that Jake's prayer was heard by Eywa.

In this way, the humans must go back having an entire planet against them, however, Colonel Quaritch enters the forest aboard a machine to search for Jake's human body and destroy it in retaliation for said rebellion.

Neytiri realizes this and decides to face it by riding on top of one of the native beasts of Pandora; however, the Colonel is more skilled than her and defeats her by trapping her under the corpse of the beast she was riding.

When Jake arrives through his avatar, he tries to make the Colonel understand that the war is over and he has lost, but the Colonel refuses to accept defeat and attacks Jake. The avatar in a cunning move manages to break the protective glass of the Colonel's suit armor; but this one wears a gas mask and ends up breaking the windshield; thus managing to reach the trailer where Jake's human body is found inside the link chamber. He manages to break the protective glass and the human Jake begins to inhale the hydrogen sulfide, resulting in the fading of it within his avatar.

This is used by the Colonel to subdue Jake's Na'vi body; but fortunately, Neytiri has managed to escape from the corpse of the creature and attacks Quaritch, piercing him with two arrows in the chest.

Inside the trailer, Jake tries to reach a gas mask, but is unable to do so; Meanwhile Neytiri tries to revive the avatar, worse he realizes that the real Jake is the one who is in trouble, so he enters the trailer, when doing so, he realizes that he was trying to take the gas mask and puts it on in time for this breathe again and save your life.


After this, the human troops are withdrawn from the planet and only the scientists who have been part of the project have permission to stay.

Once recovered, Jake decides to perform the consciousness transfer ritual in the tree of souls to pass from the human body to his avatar; even knowing that previously this had been tried without success with Dr. Augustine. This time, the ritual is carried out successfully and Jake is then permanently transformed into a Na'vi.


At the time of Steemit I commented on this.

I didn't think Avatar was the highest grossing film of all time. By several variables.

Because with each passing, it will be easier for new films to overcome. Because there will be more movie theaters, and more people in the world to watch. In addition to inflation, of course.

A fact that I raised between Atavar and Avengers was the number of movie theaters that existed in China for example in 2010 with the number of theaters that I had now at the time of the Avengers. Since it has become one of the main cinematographic markets in the world.

Not to mention the question of a single film for a sequel, the number of people in the world (although 10 years is not enough) but if we consider old films when there were even fewer movie theaters and less people in the world ...

that's a great point if you take all those variants.
And on this occasion they only took the last Avengers movie as a reference. Without a doubt Avatar will be a piece of cinema which will remain in the memory of many, breaking that milestone that at that time had a standard format so to call it!

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