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Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today's adventure is: Work to make someone else rich or created a passive income for you and your family.


Today, let's discuss, being a commuter. You will trading time for dollars, working for someone else, making them rich. They tell you when to get up in the morning, what time to be at work, when you can have lunch, how late you work. They determine how long you get to go on vacation. What schools your children go to. How big your house is, what type of car you drive. We all know this is based on how much money they are willing to pay you. Most of the world is on the payment plan for everything- based on how much money is available from you working for someone else. Being a trucker, I'm really a commuter. 2500 miles a week. I leave on Monday, back home on Friday. If you are a commuter, your weekend is jam-packed with, cutting the yard, going to events, time with the family, church, relax time, laundry, washing the cars, the list is endless.

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Computer- You decide how much you want to make. This takes planning, execution and action. You set your own hours. Sleep till you wake up. Go to the (OFFICE, YOURS) in your pajamas if you want. You build your list. Build your brand,( Mine is Michael The Traveling Trucker), you use all resources available to you, social media, apps, advertising, coop. Use things like canva, to create lead capture pages, The Conversion Pros for thank you pages, autoresponder, and use viral mailers. You can create an e-book to sell. Write a hard back-book. Become an Affiliate marketer, Multi-Level marketer. The possibilities are endless.

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MOMENT OF TRUTH- Search your heart, mind, and soul. Do you long to be free from the RAT RACE. Have more time, money, and family vacation? You will NEVER have what you really want from a life working for someone else. There are expensive courses out their, and inexpensive courses. Find what fits you best. GO AHEAD-GIVE IT SOME THOUGHT. I believe in you, whether commuter or computer. Please research everything before taking the leap of faith. Having a business is not for everyone. I know YOU have what it takes. I heard YOU say," There has to be more to LIFE than this".

My TWO Business Models- Contact List Builder And TrafficLeads2Icome viralmailer. I wanted to make money fast. I knew Janet from CLB, and Rob from TL2Ivm. Both of these people I trust to lead me in the right direction. Both have helped me out more times than I can count. Each has over 21 years of online in the marketing field. Both are full-time income earners from their systems.

The choice to join us is HERE. Remember to research. I believe you will love what you find.

Business Is Fun With The Right People

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