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Self-Development vs Shelf-Development….

Do you know the difference?

Shelf-development occurs when you buy all the latest books, videos, trainings that have lots of good learning in them….and you leave them unopened.  They sound great. The look great. And…they probably are great, but….you don’t get into them.

Self-development means that you have gone through those great resources and have found “nuggets” you can use to begin to build an online business.

If you are just starting to look for ways to earn income from home online, I applaud you EVEN MORE!

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You need to gather information about different ways to earn and select the one that fits best for you. When you are learning to earn online, don’t wait to be “perfect” before you start.  That won’t work in your favor. Learn as you go. Take the graduated steps to find the procedures that work the best for you and your audience and use those. Then add on. You don’t need tech-savvy, computer wizardry, or business training.  You are in a “family” of affiliates doing just as you are and we help each other. 

Where do you want to be a month from now…?????? Still, struggling with your JOB and boss? Wondering if you have a full job to go back to? Wondering if your financial situation will ever improve? What about your vacation/travel plans?

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Working online can be like a volcano that explodes, believe it or not.

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You can be participating and standing at the edge of a great opportunity when…something like the Covid crisis hits and there is an explosion of activity coming your way….people wanting to start home-based businesses….

They are flooding in. Business is “erupting!” Click here for your Explosion of $ 500.00 commissions.

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Michael you are great writer

Great post, Michael.

"When you are learning to earn online, don’t wait to be “perfect” before you start."

Could not agree more! You'll be waiting a really long time for things to be perfect never happens! :D