Finding A Mentor Or Becoming One

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Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today's adventure: How different would your life be, if you had a mentor at 21? If someone had come along side you, pointed you in the right direction, loved you enough to say," Hold on, you are going the wrong way",What would you look like today?

Having a mentor means, In your life, you really want to form relationships that are more significant in every area of life. Are you looking for a new dream? A new passion for lifework?

Do you have a feeling of DESTINY? Do you dream of accomplishing something of major significance? Are you pleased with your progress on that dream to date?

Why is mentoring important? In the early days, mentoring was the chief learning method in the society of artisans where the apprentice spent years at the side of the craftsman learning not only the mechanics of a function but the "way of life" which surrounded it. In the University a student learned in the home of the scholar. Today mentoring is in short supply. There are four major factors that make mentoring so vital for individuals today: Mobility, Manhood/ Womanhood, Models, and Minority status.

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Mobility: With families so far apart, Dads and Moms, Uncles and Aunts, which in time past would naturally have become our mentors. We must make a special effort to developed mentoring relationships.

Manhood/Womanhood- People are asking what is a man? What is a woman? How does a boy or girl become a man or woman? Am I a man or woman? How do I become a man or woman? A mentor can help discuss, define, and help a boy or girl enter into Adulthood. It takes time, effort and lots of love.

Models-We need healthy models of roles and relationships that adults perform and experience. In our hyper-technical world, the models we often have are people who relate primarily to machinery, megs, RAM, and baud rates. We need models of people who can relate not only to machinery and technology but also to people and life.

Minority Status-In our generation, leaders are rapidly becoming a minority voice in terms of absolutes, values, perspective, and worldwide views.


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Like you say a mentor way back then would have been awesome. I think society needs to get back to apprenticeships rather then just going to college. You learn so much better and more valuable information when you do it instead of studying it. Everything I went to a class to learn I had to learn all over again when it came to practical application. Great information.