Powers Of Observation

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Hello Everyone, This Is Your Best Friend, Michael the Traveling Trucker. Get Out your mental powers for today's adventure: Do you notice your surroundings? Have you ever sat in a crowded place and just watched people go by? Try it sometime. You'll notice that most folks have their head down and are glued to their electronic device. We read the news about not texting and driving all the time. However, people are still not always aware of their surroundings.

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Increasing Your Awareness: Times reported that the “time we spend on our smartphones is interfering with our sleep, self-esteem, relationships, memory, attention spans, creativity, productivity and problem-solving and decision-making skills.” Cool, great, good stuff to have but, remember to exercise your mind daily with these simple tricks.

  • Pay attention to the people, objects, animals, plants, and buildings around you.
  • Try doing this in a different place every day. Start at home, then try it at an office, park, mall, grocery store, or a local landmark.

Pay attention to small details. Often, people only notice the large objects that surround them. As you go throughout your day, try to look for the smaller details that might surround buildings, landmarks, and large spaces.

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Stay in the present moment. It is easy to become distracted by electronics, intrusive thoughts, or noisy environments, but these can make you less observant. When you take a walk, listen to the sounds of nature, such as birds singing or the wind rustling through the trees. Think about how the sun feels on your skin or how brightly colored the flowers are.

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Write down everything that you notice on a daily basis. Do this throughout your day as you notice things. This will keep you observant at the moment. Write your observations in a journal or word document. Try to be as specific as possible.

Quantify everything you notice. When you're trying to observe something, try to identify how many of them there are. These numbers will force you to pay more attention to the size or quantity of objects. As time goes on, you may be able to count objects more quickly. “To stay eager, to connect, to find interest in every day, to notice what everybody else overlooks — these are vital skills and noble goals. They speak between looking and seeing, between hearing and listening, between accepting what the world presents and noticing what matters to you.”

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My friends, Your life has meaning. You are more than your phone, TV, Laptop, radio--- Yesterday, after finishing up the yard work, to cool my body down, I sat on my porch with a cold glass of water. We have bird feeders. I got to watch our FLYING PIGS-HUMMING BIRDS, drink the nectar of sugar water from the glass feeder. Watching the dragonflies, squirrels, fireflies. Listening to the sounds from up the street of load music. Looking at our hill garden. Smelling the cut grass and enjoying the sense of peace and tranquility. Just getting to enjoy these things, from my 2500 mile driving, is truly a breath of fresh air for this old boy.

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I'm not sure if your water bottle is big enough. lol
I agree 100% with you, to many people now days are buried in their phones all day everyday. I was taught from a young age to pay attention to my surroundings and I am thankful that I learned this back then because I still pay attention. I never thought to keep a log or journal of everything you take in but that is a very good idea.

I have thought my "powers" of observation were pretty good, but I have to admit you brought out some excellent ideas to help increase my understanding of what is going on around me. Thank you for this inciteful information.