Secret Ingredient In Secret Ingredient SOUP

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Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Our Movie Adventure takes us on a journey, to KUNG FU PANDA. I really love this movie for the wisdom it brings to PO. I look at business through the eyes of PO. Po's dad makes a brilliant statement to Po. He tells him, Do you know what the secret ingredient in secret ingredient soup is? He says, there is no secret ingredient in secret ingredient soup. Po asks, no secret sauce or anything making it secret ingredient soup. Po's Dad says, To make something special, you just have to BELIEVE it is special. I believe in my business because it is special. I'm The secret ingredient. I believe in the people whom I work with, share life with, and make money with.

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I chose the Affiliate Marketing Business. I looked at the Done For You System and it made sense and fit my driving style. I can work while on the road, like now. Sitting at my unloading site till the morning delivery. Then I start driving to pick up my weekly mushrooms from Toughkenamon, Pa. Let us face some facts, shall we? We all have 24 hours in a day, 1440 minutes in the day, and 86,400 seconds to play within the day. Discipline is key. How do you manage your time? You show up every day and do your best. You will have to tweak it, to get the most out of your day. OK- Rubber Meets The Road Time. WHAT DO YOU WANT?

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