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Hello Everyone. This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. So what adventure awaits do you say. Well, it is what I call " The Gift". Now we all love gifts and they do come in different ways. Christmas, Birthday, Friend Day, 4th Of July, Canada Day, Salvation, and the list goes on. Most of us love to give as much as we love to receive. How well do you receive a Compliment? I had a problem with this for years, because of a low opinion of myself. Today I believe God's word about who I am. I receive things with a beautiful, THANK YOU.

Today I give this small picture gift to you DEAR READER. Enjoy.

Mention: https://pixabay.com/images/search/gifts/

Rose, Flower, Petal, Love, Bouquet

In the Business world of online marketing, we also have free gifts. They come in ebooks, articles, downloads.... I love this process. The Art of Giving. You can give your time to someone who is new and needs help setting things up, mentor them. My good friend, Janet, sent me her book-Get Stuck on Happy.

I Beg Your Pardon, Marriage Proposal

I know a lot of people in today's world, with this pandemic going on, are looking for ways to supplement their income. Be careful as not all are in your best interest. Reader, here is my free downloadable guide, set up with you in mind. COME JOIN US, NOW. When you follow the process, a business plan is set for you to explore and operate. We will walk you through the process. Here, we love SIMPLE.

FREE Training On How To Get Traffic With Facebook, YouTube, and Viral Mailers
-Personal coaching
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-Follow up emails, Downline Builder- This will give you 6 extra income-earning opportunities.

MSF 500- Gives You the opportunity to earn $500.00 commissions. This is a program I use. Check it out, NOW

One thing I’m grateful for during these unusual times is the wealth of free learning opportunities available to us online. Have you read " Think And Grow Rich"By Napolean Hill? Rich Dad, Poor Dad-By Robert Kiyosaki?

For a great Fountain of resources, click here


Diamond, Gem, Cubic Zirconia, Jewel

And now that most of us are at home, what better time is there than
now to look inwards, and focus on something we can actually control: like
our personal growth?
See You On The Inside
Michael Lipsey


My Love For Cooking, Leads me to recommend Tammy's site.

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Love this post, giving without expecting anything in return is the best gift of all ... I love to put a smile on your face!