Update - CTP Token, NoCTP4U & The AirDrop Continues...

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What an amazing few days since our 'official launch' and introduction to the ClickTrackProfit platform!

We want to make sure we keep you up to date with all the news that's happening with everything related to CTP. Including the tokens, the continuing air drop and of course the platform itself...

First up....General News;

The feedback has been great for our project. People seem very intrigued with the marriage between affiliate marketing and the blockchain. From a community perspective, our members have been coming over to Steem.

The process of onboarding has been decent, most new members join through projects like @Steem.Ninja but we do have people coming in from Steemit.com as well. We're working hand in hand with them to introduce them to the need for Steem Power and the benefits of powering up.

Our platform (ClickTrackProfit.com) will be bringing more awareness to the CTPtalk.com condenser through featured blog posts and encouraging more members to create content on their blog.

Lots of learning will be taking place as again, this is all new to many of our members. They are not only creating content for the first time, but also joining and using a blockchain as well for the first time.

So please go gentle on them ;)

Next Up....Token News:

We're growing nicely in volume but still flying under the radar of traders on Steem-Engine. And to be honest, we kinda like that :)

Slow and steady is something I'm a huge fan of....So while I do get excited when I see some pumps, I want both these tokens to deliver tons of value for years to come.

Here's the stats on CTP;


As for CTPM....Wow!

People love the miners and at only 2 Steem per miner, things are looking great :)

We've sold over 1400 Miners so far and have been blown away by the support. Thank you for believing in our project and the vision we have for this entire program and token!

If you are interested in grabbing some miners, be sure to secure some now!

Copy of secure your ctpm today!.png

Let's Talk..... @NoCTP4U

Urgh, the elephant in the room....

As the Tribes on Steem become more and more popular, some users will do anything they can to maximize their earnings. It's to be expected...

And while we have very relaxed rules on using the #CTP tag, we do want to protect our investors and token holders. So first here are what we are trying to accomplish with the #CTP tag:

1. Allow new affiliate marketers an encouraging environment where they can grow by creating content every day. So their 'journey' and stumbles along the way are encouraged to use the #CTP tag

2. Personal development of any sort is awesome! Whether it's your fitness stats on @Actifit or the new book you are reading. We are big fans of personal development....Of any kind. As long as you are trying to get better everyday, the #CTP tag is welcomed!!

3. Online marketing, affiliate marketing, online business...Are all fair game! However we don't want 'spammy posts' though, so that means throwing up a banner or link and saying 'This is awesome check it out' will get rewards removed!

4. But in general...We're trying to be pretty liberal with the rules. If you are tagging 20 different tribes...Please don't. Respect each token and it's community!

We set up the @NoCTP4U account and will do our best to keep things clean :) But at the end of the day we want to encourage action and content...So the account (if you get a downvote) will only remove your CTP rewards....NOT your Steem payouts or any other tribes rewards!!!!

The AirDrop Continues....

We're continuing with the air drop to @Steem.Leo members that have STAKED LEO!

We're at about 275-300 accounts now which is almost half way through all the accounts. I know this is super slow for many, and people might be scratching my head as to why I'm doing it this way...

I literally, just have a hunch LOL That if I dumped a token on the market that no one knew anything about...They would just sell!

So slowly, adding new CTP holders, will get people asking questions and hopefully see a ton of value with our Tribe and platform....Hopefully lol

That's our update for today....

As you can imagine...We're working REALLY hard to add massive value to the Steem blockchain. We have some very passionate members that are coming on board now looking to start their blockchain journey here on Steem!

We hope that CTPtalk.com will become their favorite tool for branding the name and meeting amazing people within the Steem community!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know here:

The Official CTP Telegram Group


The ClickTrackProfit Training Platform

The CTPtalk Codenser

The CTP Token on Steem-Engine

The CTP Miner Token on Steem-Engine

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Once again Jon, an excellent Post

I like the fact that some ground rules are being set for CTPTalk with @NoCTP4U this will in effect protect newcomers, and the Condenser as well as promoting good content and showing a duty of care in a digital world that can be quite devoid of responsibility.

I am loving the energy that is getting displayed and hopefully some of the stalwarts will remain so and some of the newbies will become stalwarts

As has always been said, its not the destination but the journey that gives strength

Onwards and upwards and demonstrate that in a world of Dominant Cultural paradigms the enhancement of integration and humanitarian motives can survive

Thanks man! Yup, we're growing this and learning from past mistakes.

So far, the experience has been a blast....Gotta keep pushing though :)

Really interesting project! I hope you can introduce a lot of new people to Steem and Steem-Engine with this. Good luck!

Awesome, thanks very much for the kind words of support!

So I can use the #CTP tag when I do reviews on a game/website/service and include my referral link in the post, that is legitimate use of CTP?

Yup...Actually that's a brilliant use case for it!

Thanks for the clarification on using the tags as I had been hesitant to do so before acknowledging the type of content expected! I love the path of fostering personal development as we ourselves are our most important asset that is worthy of continued investment!

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Yeah we don't wanna be too crazy with the rules, but still protect our token holders for the long term :)

Man this is a very interesting project. Really seems like it was meant to be.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks man, yeah it's been a long long long time coming!

This is an interesting tribe because I do like affiliate marketing and business in general , and i think I have alot to contribute and learn from this amazing platform ✌

Awesome, hope you enjoy the training and all the features of the website. And use CTP Token and CTPtalk to help you on your journey!

@clicktrackprofit, Step by step and slow process is not the slowness, instead it's like adding one brick at one time and seeing it if it's adding to the Foundation. Keep up team and achieve more value and success.

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Great point man...It truly is a foundation and being built, brick by brick!


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WOW! Thanks for this great update... Now I getting more excited even.. This is looking so great and promising.... Keep on going!! Thanks for this post, I need read it a few more times!! Success

Thanks Sig, appreciate the kind words and support man!

Great update, and nice to see that you are taking things in a pace that will allow you to not go total hype and then fall, keep it up and stay awesome.

Thanks man....Yeah no rush for us...We've been here for 10 years, we'll be here for another 10 LOL


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