Are you getting your share? Why not? What does the crow say?

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Preaching from my fence :)
I posted this in the CTP Telegram group and got a message that I should make it a post.
So here it is.
Something for you all to contemplate and more so if you are not participating in CTPTalk
One upvote from me alone can earn you approximately 35 to 40 cents add to that the other 4 or 5 people with as much upvote power and there is 2 dollars plus then add the smaller upvotes you get and all of a sudden there is 3 to 4 dollars earnt just in @CTP tokens, then add on the extra coins you might be earning and Steem and one post just earnt you 5 dollars or better.
Don't plead poor or it is to hard to do in anyones book that is easy money earnt.
Do it 5 times a week and do your own maths but that equates to a nice little earn for not much time out of your time in a week.
Now if you are a smart punter you won't take the money and run you will re-invest in CTP tokens and start earning more and remember every upvote you give earns you more for curating.
Want a bit extra on top invest in CTPM that is the @clicktrackprofit CTP token miner it mines tokens for you.
Hope this helps a few of you out there see the possibilities of been a participant in the CTPtalk community.
Go and start earning yours.


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Cool Thanks @steemitboard

Great incentive to start posting Rob P. @cruisin, you bought in at the right time, and now the price have just exploded, and you also took your own advice to post content, keep up your great work and stay an awesome Crowsin.

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Thanks @thisisawesome Erik I was given a task so I am just going about it. If I shook the market up a bit all well and good a healthy market is a good market to be in.
Yes my lack of posting content well umm I am making up for it in other ways :)
Stay Awesome in what you are doing!

Thanks @cruisin, and you are doing great, keep up your awesome work.

Great post is a great place to be.

G'day Howard absolutely correct.

Good preach! Maybe others will listen to the crow :)
I would say that it takes less time than surfing and I doubt that you can get that money surfing... ;) Make a balance... And, yes... Posting content is BRANDING yourself!

G'day Zoltan you are 100% correct in your surfing theory and a balance in life is always the best way.

Very well said Rob and a great motivator for people to start taking control of their own earnings

Thanks Russell

Great post and it is true true true :)

Yes Bradley and you are a true example of how it is done.

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Very doubtful

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

To funny

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