Life's A Pitch....So Swing Hard & Swing Often!

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So here's the thing….

It is never my intention to come across like I am constantly pitching my readers and I try really hard to achieve that with every post. My overall goal is always to provide content first and as I come across things that REALLY work for me, I share them with you.

If it's something you're interested in, that's great. If not, that's okay too!


THIS POST IS GOING TO BE A PITCH! Okay…you've been warned.

Where were we?…Oh yes…my sales pitch.

Very rarely do I come across a program…no, scratch that…I have NEVER come across a program that has done more for me than Click Track Profit. I literally could write a book on this…hmm, that's an idea….but I digress. I have done videos, blog posts, emails, infographics, you name it to spread the word. Quite simply, this program will work for you if you put in the effort.

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Inside of Click Track Profit, there is a section called Unicorn's Oasis. I realize that if you don't know Jon Olson, that name probably made you scratch your head. If you DO know him, you know that his favorite animal is the unicorn and that he does NOT like it when they cry. Again, I digress….

The Unicorn's Oasis is a section of CTP that consists of two parts. The first part is the game - basically, you want to better the unicorns mood. How do you do that? You subscribe to lists and read the emails. As you read emails, you will earn Unicorn XP,
which helps you rank up and achieve higher levels within CTP. This will also helps make the Unicorn happy and when the Unicorn is happy, all is right with the world again! Maybe…

The second part to the Unicorn's Oasis is the part that I am going to shamelessly plug. This requires you to take some action and "put in the effort" as I mentioned above. It's the part that I am in love with….it's where we build our lists! Basically, you buy a subscription and set up your list inside of the Unicorn's Oasis following the instructions that's provided. Then you add the code to your emails for your readers to find. Once you have everything set up, you will begin to receive subscribers to your list.

Picture courtesy of Pixabay.

Typically the cost of this is $25/month but right now for the next 24 hours you can get a subscription for $15/month.

I really encourage you to take action on this. I purchased this subscription when they announced it 48 hours ago and I have already received 22 sign ups to my list, which resulted in 5 sign ups to other programs and 1 commission. To say I'm happy is an understatement.

Now, you may be thinking "But they are only signing up to your list for the game". I have had this exact conversation with someone in the last 48 hours actually. My response was, "So?". Here's the thing - I don't really ask people WHY they join my list. I'm just happy they do!

Now it's my job to keep them. It's my job to provide enough content to make them want to stay. I will gladly take some help on driving traffic and sign ups to my list any day of the week!

It's no different than surfing and claiming a badge, reading emails on a mailer that rewards you with game pieces randomly, or claiming the little cash prizes that appear on a page in. Gamification works.

Like the traffic exchange that offers those little games, it's not the job of the TE to get you sign ups or sales - it's yours. They do their job bringing the people in. Now you do your job and provide the content to get the sign ups and sales for your products or business.

Take. Action. Now. <--click me!

For 24 hours you can get this for 15 dollars a month. You WILL see sign ups - what you do with them is up to you!

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The Unicorn Oasis is awesome, never have I seen such a high open rate on any list I have ever built. This is probably my second favorite feature of CTP behind the community it's self.

When I made my info graphic, I wasn't aware of the awesomeness that is the Unicorn Oasis. Now I know :D

Great post Janelle-i subscribed to your list

I saw that! Thanks so much. :)

YW is all about learning and support

Nice pitch, Janelle... If you didn't say, I wouldn't know it is a pitch... :)

I agree with you 100%... The CTP training lessons, and the whole community around it helped me a lot on my journey... Maybe I went in a bit different direction than others, but still, I learned a lot of great things from the platform, and from the beautiful people from the community!

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I'm glad to hear it didn't seem to sales pitchy.....phew!

So happy that CTP has helped you :) I'm a fan.

Awesome to have you back onboard Jangle!

You've always been one of my favorite people in this business....Honored to have you back in the loop!!!

Aw. Shucks.

It is beautifully written , Keep writing jangle, I like your post.

Thank you so much!

Great blog post Janelle. It didn't sound pitchy at all. ;)

Like you, I am so glad I found CTP & @jongolson. He & @blainjones have truly knocked it out of the park with this program. It can provide so much value for any type of marketer or business entrepreneur since the training is extensive. And of course, the community is amazing :)

Keep posting, girl. You are doing an awesome job! :) 💞

Thank you, Jenn. And thanks for your help!

You are welcome! I am glad I could. :D Have an awesome day, girl :)

Good stuff Janell! Glad to see someone out there actually selling, it's refreshing! And yes, you did and it's all good! You see, many are so afraid to come off "pitchy" that they never actually come out and say what they want. I had a prospect once tell me about another offer they saw, "I wish they would just come and tell me what they heck they want me to buy." There is selling too quick but then there i selling to slow and I think you're right in the middle which is good. Keep up the great work!

Thanks Rob. To be clear, I'm not against or afraid to sell. It's just not what I want my blog to I wanted to be clear. I appreciate the compliment and also appreciate the honesty :)