Seeing The Big Picture....Ain't Easy!

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Ughhh…yesterday sucked. Remember that post I did about perspective?….I tried REALLY hard to remember it! Ha...

I was up really late working on cleaning up my list, removing email addresses that had bounced for months now and I actually felt pretty good about it. It's liberating actually to realize that the number of subscribers is NOT the goal but rather the engagement and relationship with the subscribers. Timing is everything I suppose….

….because I woke up this morning, ate my breakfast, spent some time in prayer, put the little one down for a nap and sat down at my computer only to find the autoresponder service I used has suspended my account. My first thought was that, since I pay per subscriber count for their services, that perhaps I broke their terms somehow because maybe they thought I was trying to cheat the billing.


It turns out that company, Mailchimp (for those who may be considering them) does not allow affiliate email marketing. What!? It doesn't matter what you're promoting, they don't want you. I spent a good hour pretty ticked off about that until I realized if they don't want me, why am I angry about that? That's their problem.

*cue the Frozen music* Let it go…..(if you're singing that, you're welcome!)

Truthfully though, I had a moment of clarity where I realized how much I've grown in the last couple of years. The old me would have not only been really angry (for a lot longer then an hour) but then would have found every excuse in the book why I couldn't switch to a new service and continue…and actually, I probably would have quit. It sounds silly to even write that now because…that's all it took. Mentally I wasn't ready to commit and rather then admit that (because then I would have had to work on me), I'd just blame everything else and walk away.

Yay for personal growth! *Pats myself on the back*

Within a couple of hours, I was up and running on my new best friend, Traffic Wave.


If you were on my list and want to be back on, you can subscribe at my blog (the link is on the top of this page) I'd love to have you back! I will be importing my now very clean list so if you see an email and wonder why, now you know.

This post is very rambly but I'll try to sum it up:

  • Perspective changes everything. It's okay to be angry…but only be angry for a little bit and then move on.
  • If something doesn't work out, don't quit!
  • When someone decides they no longer want you around (or your business), raise your chin, thank them for their time and walk away, knowing you're bigger then the situation and that God's got you.

"One of the hardest things in life to learn is
which bridges to cross and which bridges to burn."
~ Oprah Winfrey

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That blows me away that an auto responder company doesn't allow you to promote anything. I guess they are there for a simple news letter service but at the prices they charge I think you will be better off with Traffic Wave.

You can promote things as long as it's your product and not an affiliate link. Unfortunately. :(

It's pretty funny to me...All these companies that are 'pooping' on affiliate marketing now, basically got their start because of...Wait for it...Affiliate marketing lol

Glad to see you bounce back and while that new program you joined looks like 1997 all over again, rest assured, they LOVE affiliate marketers LOL

Thank you! I was blown away when I saw the reason my account was suspended. I'm just glad I was allowed to login and get my html files before leaving. Oh well. TrafficWave for the win.

Nice, Always moving on towards brighter goal always help instead of repenting on failures.

It's extremely liberating to know you have the power to do that too! I used to think that kind of talk was hippie mumbo jumbo...boy was I wrong :D

When someone decides they no longer want you around (or your business), raise your chin, thank them for their time and walk away.

While I agree with this completely, I think that sometimes a hearty FY is a good substitute for thanks. Just sayin'

I'm really glad that you got your stuff rearranged and didn't even miss a day.

Sometimes if can feel real good...for about 3 seconds. But I'm trying to rise up in every situation and it's not about being better then the's about KNOWING that I'm bigger then the situation and that God's got me.

Ooooo I'm adding that to my post! :D mic drop

I love this post. Perspective is everything. Even though an unfortunate situation happened with the auto responder, you had a pivotal moment here. You were given the opportunity to grow & you did with how you reacted, which transformed into being proactive. This is defining & confirms how far you've come.

As you said, it's okay to feel anger or any emotion in fact. It's just whether we stay there is what makes the difference. Yes, if they don't want you, it's their loss. I learned that lesson a long time ago myself. 😉

I'm proud of you, girl. You got this! 💗

Thank you, Jenn :) I really appreciate your constant friendship!

You're so welcome, Janelle! :) I am thankful for our friendship as well 💙

I'm sorry to hear that your account got suspended, but maybe that's the best thing that's happened to you! If we are looking at the big picture... You will probably get more engaged subscribers as they are your "core-members", and maybe the whole thing will snowball on these strong pillars...

And you said it right, if someone doesn't want you, there is no reason to be stressed about... It's THEIR choice, so just move on... ;)

Thanks for sharing this with us!

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Thanks :) It really was the best in the long run. I had a moment where I thought "ah! I had almost 900 people on that list and now I'm down to 0...." but I woke up this morning and there are 21 subscribers! Whoa! I am so happy now because it's a great start with 21 active people who WANT to be there. :D


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