My First Post - Welcome and #engageonhive

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Hello everybody

This is my the post on Hive

I would like to make connections with many different people from all over the world and to be part of a greater community

I hope that I can share my journey as well as the journey of others

I have some goals for HIVE

I would like to make many friends at least 1000 by the end of 2020
I would like to make a Post every day that is of interest to others
I would like to make Many Hive at least 1000 by the end of 2020

I hope that my posts will enjoy your company and enjoy shared experience

This is the First Post so I would like to say Hi to all of you

I will also be looking for great community posts to up-vote and share and once a day I will also give a 100% up-vote to a post I think is worth sharing

I will post the following banner on the post as well as leaving a comment




Hello and welcome to Hive! Those are great goals. Keep working to achieve them. Good luck!

Hello @arrliin - Thankyou for your kind words, welcome and engaging with this post
I wish you well


Welcome to Hive and the CTP Swarm! Those goals are nice ones and only with engagement is possible to reach them... Having in mind your banner at the end of the post, I don't have doubts about that part!

Good luck!

Thank you @ph1102 for coming in to say hello , I think I will enjoy this space


Welcome to the fun!

Love the message and the mission :)

Hello @clicktrackprofit and thank you for the comment and reading my intro post


hello @improbableliason and welcome

I am sure that you will find many great posts to interact with on the HIVE Blockchains and you will also find the CTP Community a very vibrant one that loves to support people on their journey

and yes indeed

thankyou @russellstockley for your kind words and for your connection

I look forwards to seeing what the community does :)


Hi and welcome!
Hope you fulfill your goals and perhaps surpass them!
No better place to engage like in the CTP Swarm!

Looking forward to see your journey :)

hello @elianaicgomes and thankyou for your connection and response

I hope that my goals are achievable


Hi @improbableliason and welcome, I look forward to your posts and connecting with you.

Hello @maddogmike - Thankyou for the connection and engaging with my post - I am excited to bring good content