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Years ago you had to pay for the design of the site, now many of them do their own design. With our design we express ourselves and our personality and it is not necessary that everyone likes everything.
Personally, I really like to create on my own and I learned almost everything myself, so today I would like to share with you websites that cost nothing and are easy to use.

Time and Date-for site

Random Code Generator-for site owners

Online HTML Editor-for all creators


The Best Collection of Webimages & Clipart-great tool for many holidays

W3Schools-for everyone is great html learning and many others skills you need

Gif Maker

Great Color Tool-for backrounds

Color Zilla-my favorite for all design i do in splashes

Unsplash-for images

Pixabay-my favorite for images

Pexels-free images

Free Images

Remove Backround

Let see removing backround in actions

After removing backround

Flaming Text-for great text

Photo Editor-for splashes or pages

I hope you like my presentation of designer tools and maybe some will help you too on your journey to present your self with cool designs — i know i love it.

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Great post that is full of awesome information on creating our own splash pages at no cost. Bookmarked all the sites. Now to learn them.

Thanks Michael

Great post with great tools, but still i lack the creativity. Lol..

Creativity comes from what you like.

I love this post, a one stop shop for all the tools you need to design great graphics.

Thanks Janet

Thanks it looks hard when you first start,but is not😀

This is a great post! Love the graphics and thank you for the list of tools you use.

You are welcome

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