I Finished the CLB Mastery!

in #contactlistbuilder3 months ago

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But I have to confess I have worked with Janet Legere for many years and was one of the original members of ContactListBuilder. I encourage you to join and upgrade in this great program. One of the cool benefits you get it a blog just like this with training on how to get your posts to the emerging CTPTalk/Hive blockchain!

So for now, find this Mastery at ClickTrackProfit HERE. Go to Training/Mastery after joining or logging in. You will also find my Trafficleads2incomeVM Mastery there as well.

It is great having three great partners to work with in Janet Legere, Jon Olson, and Blain Jones. Join us and we'll help you enjoy #massivesuccess!

Rob Gehring - Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM and Leader of Team Massive Success



Great achievement Rob, even though you had it completed before it came out lol
Completing any mastery is hard and this one is no joke at all WTG.

Hey Mike! But I still have to say you got me on my own mastery! lol See you tonight!

Congrats, Rob! You are an example of using the system and an inspiration to all of us of the importance of consistency.

That's so awesome! Quite an accomplishment!

Way to go Rob, Congratulations on being the FIRST CLB Learning Member to complete the CLB Learning Mastery program!