Quarantine Diaries: Day 340

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Coronavirus News, Analysis, and Opinion:

Peru swears in new health minister after COVID vaccine scandal

My wife and I got covid-19. Our doctor prescribed a medication used to treat parasites in livestock.

Florida Is a COVID Nightmare—Even for Vaccinated People

Why Canada is falling behind in Covid vaccinations

Biden administration has “deep concerns” about WHO’s COVID-19 probe

Cryptocurrency, Investing, Business, Money, Economy, and Debt:

UK economy suffered record annual slump in 2020

A Market Crash AND High Inflation?

Amazon sues NY amid threat of virus labour lawsuit


Trump Acquitted: Senate GOPers Give The Green Light For End-Of-Term Insurrections

Surprising nobody, Senate weenies failed to convict The Donald. The vote was 57 patriots to 43 cowards, falling short of the two-thirds needed to convict. Next up, prosecutors in New York and Georgia. Other states too? And possibly the DOJ if Merrick Garland is confirmed as AG?

Speaking of which, Prosecutors Investigating Trump’s Manhattan Properties

Pelosi Rules Out Censuring Trump

Oh, these cowardly senators who couldn’t face up to what the president did and what was at stake for our country are now going to have a chance to give a little slap on the wrist?

Did Democrats Blow It by Not Calling Impeachment Witnesses?

Maureen Dowd: Trump’s Taste for Blood: If Republicans won’t convict, bring on the handcuffs.

Biden’s stimulus gamble: Massive cuts to Medicare, farm aid

American Democracy Is Only 55 Years Old—And Hanging by a Thread


Howard Thurman’s “Fascist Masquerade”: The Black thinker who saw this coming, 75 years ago

Top US Nuclear Lab At Risk Of Major Wildfire, Warns Audit


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