Quarantine Diaries: Day 355

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Coronavirus News, Analysis, and Opinion:

People Share #TheMoment They Realized The Pandemic Was Changing Life As They Knew It

We’re in the Third Quarter of the Pandemic. Antarctic Researchers, Mars Simulation Scientists and Navy Submarine Officers Have Advice For How to Get Through It

Donors bet a U.S. firm could transform disease testing in Africa. Then COVID-19 hit

Trapped in Germany’s COVID nightmare

Cryptocurrency, Investing, Money, Economy, and Debt:

Since JPMorgan is almost always wrong, this is probably a good sign: Don’t expect large firms to follow Tesla’s Bitcoin move, JPMorgan says

Why $1 Million Bitcoin Is Coming

Bitcoin’s price is a landmine. A $3.5 billion purchase triggered an explosion of $30,000. Imagine what a $10 billion purchase from Apple would unleash. Imagine the chain reaction from a $100 billion purchase by the Bank of Japan in a new quantitative easing program.

Walmart has reportedly lured away two Goldman Sachs bankers to help lead its new fintech venture


Litigation Tracker: Pending Criminal and Civil Cases Against Donald Trump

Three names mysteriously removed from Khashoggi intelligence report after initial publication

Trump railed against the ‘deep state,’ but he also built his own. Biden is trying to dismantle it.

Russia sends Navalny to notorious penal camp feared by inmates

Trump delivers lie-filled CPAC speech

Hyatt Calls Design of CPAC Stage ‘Abhorrent’

How Lie Took Off About Antifa at Capitol Riots

Hive Power Up Day:

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Introducing our 2021 Recipe of the Year: Perfectly Pillowy Cinnamon Rolls are the ultimate soft touch

‘The New Climate War’ exposes tactics of climate change ‘inactivists’


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Hello Preparedwombat!
I used to know you back on the old Steemit platform, but I have since dropped off in my participation in any of these sites. I've recently started exploring again and see that you are active on the Hive site. I've tried searching for a page that will show me links for "tools" (like how and to whom I might delegate some HP to and such), but the search just seems to get stuck in churn and I can't get any results. There doesn't seem to be topic pages either like Steemit used to have, so... Do you have any advice or sources?

I do delegations from peakd.com’s wallet page. There’s a “Delegate” button as well as a little magnifying glass icon that leads you to a page showing which accounts you already delegate to or receive delegations from. The “to whom” question is personal preference of course. Bid bots have all but died but if you’re looking for a return, you can get Hive payouts from various services like @tipu, @ocdb, @hodlcommunity and such or LEO payouts from delegating to @leo.voter

Thank you @preparedwombat for mentioning us as a legit service/community to help curation on Hive !

Have a great evening !

I see you consistently upvoted @jrcornel, giving the impression that you valued his content. As you know, a group campaign, based on their own selective criteria which they know not how to express, has downvoted him to zero and basically ruined his existence here on HIVE. As such, I just wanted you to know what one core member of this community had to say about @jrcornel and ask if you still think it’s appropriate not to come to his defence? Really come your own defence? Because not only was that said about him (and it's very representative of the group think, I might add), but it was also said about everyone who valued, curated and upvoted his content.

Yes, that’s how they feel about you too.

Best Regards


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