Mascot For Your Top 3 Contest

in #creativecoinlast year

I was asked to create a mascot for the Your Top 3 monthly contest. They wanted it to be in the shape of a question mark like in their banner art and to create 3 different emotions. So here they are, happy, thoughtful and sad.

Thanks for checking out my artwork!

I can create gif

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Holy cannoli, Batman! Those are awesome! I especially like the first, happy one - totally has the vibe of the contest. Excellent work, as always @dksart!

@tipu curate

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Thanks! :)

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He's the cutest! I love the confused (thoughtful) one!

Those are great! It's kinda like See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil. Love it!

Awesome work babe! Thanks for helping us out to keep @yourtop3 looking fab. :)

Really appreciate the great job you've done @dksart

I like Q a lot. 😁

Thanks buddy.


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Your welcome, thanks!

Thanks so much for putting these together man! We really appreciate that! Q is a lovable character :D

Your welcome, thanks!

Q looks awesome!

Haha yeaaa man! I think we'll be using the sad one a lot if rentmoney keeps winning (just kidding of course) 😂

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