Original Digital Art of Carved Halloween Pumpkin

in #creativecoinlast year

I decided to turn the pumpkin I carved last week into a digital art illustration. I like how the carving turned out so I wanted to create a cartoon style drawing of it :)


Below is a time lapse video of me creating this drawing.

Thanks for checking out my artwork! :)

I can create gif

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Hi dksart,

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Hello Hello!

Ohh, I really like your elaboration, I congratulate you in advance and with my sincere applause I can tell you that you have a lot of talent :)

Greetings from Venezuela

Thanks :)

Wonderful. I would like to learn to make digital drawings. I loved. A cordial greeting @dksart


dear @dksart your digital pumpkin is very beautiful !! ... but shouldn't the project come first and after the sculpture ?? :-)) I really enjoyed seeing the whole process of your drawing in the video! Thanks for sharing with us and congratulations on your curie rating

Thanks, sometimes I do things backwards ;)

Heyy, nice to meet ya fella! :)
I used yo be a NextColony player too... ;)