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… “and hurry up”, they said. “We have a couple of tags to remove…”

A couple of tags? Yeah, right… 😉

You like this Vintage Travel Series?

I surely do 😊 I like it that much that I continue creating new images with different cars, bikes and places. If you’re curious about the images I posted here before, just click on the thumbnail to see the original post...


BTW: all cars (or bikes) used in these pictures are real and existing. I don’t own those cars but did spot them during my hikes and decided to shoot them because they’re just good-looking or original or vintage. This doesn’t mean that I shot them on the same place as in the final picture… as a matter of fact, they never were there…😉 The places in the pictures are mostly interesting or original places… but not always car-friendly 😂
As a final note… I can guarantee that no car or bike has been hurt during the picture-shoot…Please, don't forget to resteem if you like my Vintage Travel series... I'm sure others will like them too!

You liked this post?

Right you are 😉
Just follow me here ( @pixelfan ) to make sure you don’t miss any new work. As you can see from my results on steemitboard, I do spend a lot of time here…
Of course I will not ask you to upvote my posts… deep down inside you know you have to 😉


Curious to see my other work?

Although I spend most of my time here, you can also find me in other places… just take your pick…



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It's the Tag Invasion! May the Steem Tribes conquer the Blockchain World! 🙃

hahaha, yes, it is... tags everywhere, on the walls and in steemland 😂

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Thanks a lot! Truly appreciated and... superhappy to have been noticed!

so, tell me, how do you create this images? i just lurrrve all started with my trying to get better with GIMP. I looked to use several techniques on the pictures I shoot to give them... that little extra. You can do a lot with lightroom, but I wanted to go a little bit further 😎

In the case of my Vintage Travel shots I just use 2 images (a car or bike or.... and a landscape or place). After some cut-out and cropping I end up with an image I try to make looking older, or vintage.
To do this I play with the different color-levels, the hue and saturation and some detail-enhancing... after all that you just have to add some noise and a fancy border and voila...

The most difficult part is finding the right car and shoot it with the right angle... and it has to be an old car, they are much nicer than the most modern ones...

Thanks again for the curation!

Man oh man! That detail! Amazing!

Thanks a lot, happy you like it!

This looks pretty awesome. It is like a cross between a photograph and a painting.

Thanks a lot!!
Yes, it looks a bit like a painting... everything depends on the amount of details you enhance...

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