Oh c’mon guys…

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… I told you I would be late…
You could have kept at least one parking space for me ...

You like this Vintage Travel Series?

I surely do 😊 I like it that much that I continue creating new images with different cars, bikes and places. If you’re curious about the images I posted here before, just click on the thumbnail to see the original post...


BTW: all cars (or bikes) used in these pictures are real and existing. I don’t own those cars but did spot them during my hikes and decided to shoot them because they’re just good-looking or original or vintage. This doesn’t mean that I shot them on the same place as in the final picture… as a matter of fact, they never were there…😉 The places in the pictures are mostly interesting or original places… but not always car-friendly 😂
As a final note… I can guarantee that no car or bike has been hurt during the picture-shoot…Please, don't forget to resteem if you like my Vintage Travel series... I'm sure others will like them too!

You liked this post?

Right you are 😉
Just follow me here ( @pixelfan ) to make sure you don’t miss any new work. As you can see from my results on steemitboard, I do spend a lot of time here…
Of course I will not ask you to upvote my posts… deep down inside you know you have to 😉


Curious to see my other work?

Although I spend most of my time here, you can also find me in other places… just take your pick…



Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
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@pixelfan . excelente trabajo, me encanta ber los diferentes carros ..Saludos . lo invito visitar mi blog


Oh! man your work is really amazing, you are good creating those pictures!! It remembered me a 3d street art I saw sometime 👏

Thanks! 😊

This is such a cool series.

Thanks Wes 👍🍺!BEER

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Hey @derangedvisions, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Interesting shots, thanks for sharing!

You're very welcome! Have a 🍺 !BEER

WOW....They are really cool i like what you have done with them 👍

I swear I did nothing. I didn't touch them... I swear 😉😂