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If I could make more than $300 dollars in a couple of Hours so do You.

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After register come back and read this article because it will help You a lot.


I have seen some people talking about tap2earn and Yesterday I have finally decide to look into it.

Apparently it is a programme/site to capture some of Your information as email and phone number for marketing.

And that's what they pay for.

I have achieved their requirements to ask for the first cashout and as You can see it is confirmed. The payment day is in 14 days after the confirmation. A very standard process for online payments.


Informal Ad 8.png

It is very simple to use as You can see.

As I said to request Your first payment they have 3 requirements:

  1. Need 20 clicks on Your referral link

  2. Need 5 referrals

  3. Need to do 5 tasks from their list

The point 3 it is when things might get tricky and You need to pay attention.

To start I would recommend You to login you mobile because in my case they had 3 tasks that were simply to download and install some games.

As I said earlier their business it is to capture emails and phone numbers for advertising. Do You have to complete the tasks and give away that info? YES.


Before You submit the info read the couple of lines on the terms and conditions.

After the "surveys" You will have a some questions asking you if You want to be contacted by all this companies and You can and should reply NO to all of them.

Keep Your tap2learn tab open and keep refreshing it to see if the task is complete. But each "survey" won't take more than a couple of minutes.

Because otherwise they will keep making You offers and getting more and more surveys appearing nonstop. As soon as the website load the task You can and should close the windows.


Because it is also part of their business to try and lure You to participate in all this "special offers" that are super cheap with very desirable prizes. But what You don't do is to read all the terms and conditions that tell You that You are Subscribing to a monthly service.


Also You might get a couple of text messages after completing some of the task. IGNORE THEM. DON'T CLICK ON THEIR LINK. YOU HAVEN'T OWN ANYTHING. They will on take You to the same websites where once again they will try to get You to subscribe to their services.

I will update You all in 14 days but I am pretty sure the money will come in so I couldn't recommend more.

But pay attention to all my ALERTS.

Now what are You waiting for:


This project is pure SCAM!!! Refrain from it

Ya right

Wow great idea to earn

I'll be making an update soon

All the task condition apply,

Let's see if they pay or not. :)

What happens to majority of this platforms is that they are region sensitive.

Let's wait to see if it is liable or not :) will be leaving an update soon


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i don't trust to such projects...

its scam

I've personally come across lotta stuff like this.....I'm hardly to believe this

Sergio, I’ve read your post and I’m still skeptical but I would like to try it. Do you think it matters if I’m a resident of the States? It’s like @juicyfruit’s been telling me, there’s money in he streets if you look for it.


I'm very, very skeptical about websites like this. Especially when the one of the requirements is to refer others. Many users will say the site paid them to refer people even though it may have not.

So, have you actually recieved the money in your account?

I'm going to hazzard a guess that NO, he hasn't got the money because he needs to refer us first to "cash out" and "get the money"


Doesn't seem like a very cool thing to do, though!

generally these are hoaxes


Great, I enjoy your content.