Anyone want 888 CRO (~$40 USD)?

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roy57d.jpg is giving away 888 CRO

That's like $0.046 USD per CRO at the moment, so around $40 USD!

Pardon my language, but that a fucking bargain... $40 USD free to give to (in my case, with 500 MCO staked) 10 people... actually 9 now, first one went to my dad.

Want to withdraw crypto?

If you are looking into a solution to withdraw crypto into FIAT (USD, EUR, NZD, etc) then is the best choice for you (in my view).

Let's be crazy...

Unfortunately the only way to give Red Envelopes (for now) is by using the cell number. But since this is like a crazy offer, I will submit like a slave... and if you subscribe via my referral, you can send me a private encrypted message (with your cell phone) and I will send you the reward. Please include your referral code in that message so I can track who sends what.

Why am I so crazy for

Basically until the end of 2019 I didn't had a realistic reason to use crypto EVERYWHERE! Now I have!

Basically everything I do, I can transact on crypto easily.


So far, I have been completely blown away by the availability of To be fair, I was expecting, but I still got surprised.

Imagine... going to the grocery and putting a lot more into the kart that you where expecting... passing the card and seeing the so called shame word... "refused"...

Yes, it can be frustrating, but not with

The minute after, I get the app, load some crypto into the card (includes selling or taking crypto from any investments) and that's it... seconds after, I am paying successfully my groceries.

I did this live several times!

Sometimes, depending on the amounts you are transacting, the prices might not be on your side and you may need to spend a few cents more, but apart from that and sometimes requiring some more time to transact (usually instantaneous, but can be up to a few minutes on worst case, which in my case only happened once, in more than 100 times).

Don't have enough MCO to stake?

Send me the equivalent STEEM and I will send you the MCO you need. This offer stacks with the above. So you are entitled to the 888 CRO if you send me your cell phone (via encrypted message or whatever).

Need more info?

Ask away... every great question will get 100% upvote for sure!

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