Anyone want 888 CRO (~$40 USD)?

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roy57d.jpg is giving away 888 CRO

That's like $0.046 USD per CRO at the moment, so around $40 USD!

Pardon my language, but that’s a fucking bargain... $40 USD free to give (in my case, with 500 MCO staked) to 10 people... actually 9 now, the first one went to my dad.

Get your stuff right and xheck my previous posts about this stuff:

Want to withdraw crypto?

If you are looking into a solution to withdraw crypto into FIAT (USD, EUR, NZD, etc) then is the best choice for you (in my view).

Let's be crazy...

Unfortunately the only way to give Red Envelopes (for now) is by using the cell number. But since this is like a crazy offer, I will submit like a slave... and if you subscribe via my referral, you can send me a private encrypted message (with your cell phone) and I will send you the reward. Please include your referral code in that message so I can track who sends what.

Why am I so crazy for

Basically until the end of 2019 I didn't had a realistic reason to use crypto EVERYWHERE! Now I have!

Basically everything I do, I can transact on crypto easily.


So far, I have been completely blown away by the availability of To be fair, I was expecting, but I still got surprised.

Imagine... going to the grocery and putting a lot more into the kart that you where expecting... passing the card and seeing the so called shame word... "refused"...

Yes, it can be frustrating, but not with

The minute after, I get the app, load some crypto into the card (includes selling or taking crypto from any investments) and that's it... seconds after, I am paying successfully my groceries.

I did this live several times!

Sometimes, depending on the amounts you are transacting, the prices might not be on your side and you may need to spend a few cents more, but apart from that and sometimes requiring some more time to transact (usually instantaneous, but can be up to a few minutes on worst case, which in my case only happened once, in more than 100 times).

Don't have enough MCO to stake?

Send me the equivalent STEEM and I will send you the MCO you need. This offer stacks with the above. So you are entitled to the 888 CRO if you send me your cell phone (via encrypted message or whatever).

Need more info?

Ask away... every great question will get 100% upvote for sure!

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by @forykw

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Imagine... going to the grocery and putting a lot more into the kart that you where expecting... passing the card and seeing the so called shame word... "refused"...

That was not happened to me so far, and probably will not happen either.
I know how much money is on my bank card, and I know how much the things costs, which I buy. I plan my purchases/expenses, and I save money.

By the way, I currently do not have enough Steem for MCO.
1 MCO is currently (2020.01.26, 12:26 CET) $4.64 USD.
1 Steem is currently $0.159845 USD
I currently have 5.011 Steem. This is currently worth only $0.80 USD.
Users need to stake at least 50 MCO, which is currently $232 USD.
That is 70 669 HUF. 1 USD is currently 304.61 HUF.
If I would not work in a 4 hours part-time job, then that would be almost my full monthly income (~ 75 000 HUF).
And this (the 50 MCO staking) is only for the 2% rewards on all card spending. Users need to stake 500 MCO ($2320 USD) for 3%, 5000 MCO ($23 200 USD) for 4%, and 50 000 MCO ($232 000 USD) for 5%.

This is for the rich people.

But even, if I would have enough Steem, I would still not buy MCO with it.
That is a lot of money. At least for me. I am fine with my bank card.

Wow! Indeed different realities... I understand your point of view. If you don't mind my question, and assuming the numbers you say are indeed aligned, you are saying that you win 373 NZD per month?

How much you spend on eating (for example, if you want to go buy a meal at the grocery store)? Really puzzles me off the discrepancies. But if what you say is true, then upvoting you 100% will almost give you a meal, I am guessing.

Not exactly. The 75 000 HUF (~$372.26 NZD) is only my pension-like income. Nowadays I earn additional 50 000 HUF (~248.18 NZD) by working in a 4 hours part-time job. This overall gives ~125 000 HUF ($620.44 NZD) monthly, so this is my full monthly income. But it is also possible to live on the 75 000 HUF (~$372.26 NZD) pension-like income alone.
If you live on 75 000 HUF (~$372.26 NZD) monthly, then the approximate choices are the following in the winter:
If you own a house > ~40 000 HUF ($198.54 NZD) goes for bills. You can spend $35 000 HUF ($173.72 NZD) on food. And on other things, of course. For example on entertainment.
If you do not own a house, then this is depending on the room/house you rent.
I currently do not own a house, so this is my case:
I rent a room for 30 000 HUF ($148.91 NZD), and we (I and my housemate) share (halve) the bills (and the other parts of the house). I usually pay a little bit less than 20 000 HUF ($99.27).
I would have about 25 000 HUF ($124.09 NZD) for food for a month. And little to no entertainment.
But as I mentioned, luckily/fortunately, I am currently working, so I have money for entertaining, and I can even save money, so nowadays I am good overall.
There are some places, where you can rent a complete house for 30 000 HUF per month. There are some places, even in the capital city, where you can rent a room for even a cheaper price, for example 25 000 HUF. But usually they (especially the complete houses) are very expensive.

Completely out of proportion here... where a week of rent is way more than any month rent there.

75000 HUF is not the average... I am guessing. Annually is more like ~3 000 000 HUF no?

No, ~75 000 HUF would be my full pension-like monthly income, if I currently would not work in a 4 hours part-time job, which gives additional ~50 000 HUF monthly, which is about 125 000 HUF monthly, which is $410.36 USD. Annually this is ~ 1 500 000 HUF. And this is the average, or even a little bit above it. Many people earn much less than this. Especially in little villages. I have not worked for years, because I live with multiple disabilities, that is why I am receiving a pension-like income. It is possible to live on that pension-like income alone, but not easy.
3 000 000 HUF is a lot of money. You can buy a house with 1 000 000 HUF in some villages.

Again.. crazy to think the differences the world has on different societies.

Wow... super cheap food there...

According to this.

2000 HUF is "super cheap" for a simple meal? Really? That would be expensive for me. A "daily menu" (a complete lunch) is 990 Ft (~$3.25 USD) in two restaurants around my city (Szolnok).

You can have a soup of your choice + something else (of your choice) (+ a drink) for that money. They offer different foods every day you can choose from.

I wrote (+ a drink), because only one of the restaurants gives you drink for that money, and you can even choose from the drinks. They usually offer two drinks. They say that the drink is the gift of the house.
You can usually choose two or three foods in the restaurant, where the drink is offered as a gift. You can choose from many foods in the restaurant, where the drink is not offered as a gift.

If you eat every day in the restaurant, then that would be 29 700 HUF for a month (30 days), which is $97.50 USD. But I do not eat there every day.

Many of the prices are inaccurate on that website.
For example the Cappuccino for 418.54 HUF. It is actually 250 HUF.
And it is very delicious. They are making it as you like it.
For example with milk, sugar and cream in my case.
1 Liter milk is not 221.81 HUF, but around 150 HUF.
I used to buy 1 Kg fresh white bread, which is 249 HUF.

The transportation is free for me because of my multiple disabilities, so I do not know the actual prices on that.

In New Zealand, almost all places sell coffee for at least $4 NZD (milk+coffee) if not above.

A big (~750g) ciabatta type Bread is $6 NZD on "New World" (supermarket).

Going out eating a burger (good one, not MC kind of stuff), would be something like $20-40 NZD just the burger... nothing else.

So, you can see why I think its cheap.

Thanks for your input.

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Sorry... double post... :S 😡 Happens to the best.

I edited with @esteemapp and it appears it created another post because I was working as a draft... not sure thought.

Please make sure you see Update instead of Publish otherwise you might end up posting your drafts twice

Thanks. I will be carefull next time, and if I find something weird I will report.

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