Crypterium 😻 - Wallet, Exchange, Debit Card, Recharge MasterCards [REVIEW]

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Many of you might actually have subscribed to this one but, because I have seen lots of questions out there, I think its time for me to get a review of this one.

What is Crypterium?

In simple words, a mobile/PC wallet, an exchange, investment portal, debit card issuer, and much other cool stuff. If you want to pause reading my review and feel too much rush on getting it, head to my referral link and we both get $5 USD for it. Then come back and read this up and let me know what you think.


Unfortunately due my early crazy days of "going everywhere", I have indeed started with this venture but then sold all my position with it. I am NOW, regretting it!

Just have a look at this census from who ordered the card during the launch week (around June). Unfortunately, I only ordered my card a week ago. So went that one arrives, I will try it out and share my experience.


Does it have a token?

Yes, and it's called CRPT and its an ECR20 compatible token on the Ethereum blockchain.

If you are willing to invest on it, then be aware of the following. If you hold CRPT tokens you will get cashback by transacting within the app. The more tokens you hold the more you will be entitled for rewards.

There are 4 levels of rewards...

  • Level 1, 0% from MLP Fund (Bronze) - For everyone that has no CRPT tokens.
  • Level 2, 10% from MLP Fund (Silver) - For holders under 8k CRPT tokens.
  • Level 3, 35% from MLP Fund (Gold) - For holders between 8k and 25k CRPT tokens.
  • Level 4, 50% from MLP Fund (Platinum) - For holders with more than 25k CRPT tokens.

This is effective, so, if you use the app to exchange crypto, you will be entitled to these rewards, even if you have not yet ordered the card.

What if I haven't CRPT?

That's fine. You can do all the same thins without it. But you will not be entitled to rewards from the Fund. Which does not exclude you "at any time" to buy some and get into it. It's up to you, and Crypterium will never hold your tokens (as far as I know). So, if you just want to give a try and then sell them all, you can.

What can you do with the app?

This is the where most will get interested in, I would say.


Buy Crypto with Credit/Debit cards

This is somehow not new but offered from both VISA, Mastercard and any other PCI compliant DSS partner.

Send money to other Crypterium users

You can send ANY crypto supported by the app to any other users, FREE of fees, and within a reach of a cell phone number. Type it in, and that's it!

Withdraw to MasterCards Credit cards

This is probably where you going to throw out! Yes, you can send crypto to your Mastercard Credit card. I mean, to your or anyone's Mastercard. It's going to be deposited in the same fiat type you have in your credit card (of course) but all alone, its already a great feature.

I love this feature and I believe this is one of the key valued points for many users. The problem is... sharing my Credit Card number 🤣LOL!

Soon more Banking options

Currently, Crypterium is burning tokens every week and this is part of the ecosystem strategy to make rewards possible (profitable?).

As you can see on the right picture (above), new features are coming up for the Banking and Market services, like for example, savings and investments portfolios. Similar to what you already have and can do with (yes I am a user of that one too).

I am eagerly waiting for the "Market" options to test if the signals are any good. And if similar to other platforms where you can create your fund indexes, this can be very interesting.

Cash out?

Yes, you can also transfer to your bank account. I am have not yet tried it out, but it should be something possible once you do your "required" verifications.

How to order your card?

First, let me say... this is not one of their strategy points. There is better. But if you still want to be included in the cashback vortex and you are planning on doing some regular transactions with this card. Then you definitely should consider it.

But first, get some CRPT! It will get your card 5$ cheaper.

To order your card you need to pay $9,99 within the app. You can only buy it using BTC. If you want to be staking the CRPT, buy the tokens first and when you are about to purchase the card, they will allow you to get them staked.

On the order process, you need to add (to the $9.99) the shipping cost. Currently, there are two options... one with around 2 weeks (chepeast) and another within a few days (higher cost).

I am not in a rush so I have selected the cheapeast option... it has been already 12 days... not yet arrived. I will feedback you on this, in case it's not as expected.


What are the current supported ones?

Bitcoin, Crypterium, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDC, BitcoinCash and XRP.

Not many, I agree. But this is usually a temporary thing once users start transacting often. It happened with many others I know of, so it won't be any different form this one. Unless they don't want to adventure into the "crazy profitable world"... of the unstable markets! Which makes all the sense for anyone wanting to release a portfolio invesment service. Anyway... it will happen, you will see.

Verification process

I did it already some time ago, so I can't really testify about its current process. Although I remember by the time I did it, that was not hard and something as standard as the usual identification plus some other utility bill, if you want a higher verification level. If you find any feedback about this, I would love to hear it back.

App/Front-end consistency

I have been using it for quite some time, including the online "web-browser" version. And to be honest it is "business level" grade. Quite good and I am confident they really want to be consistent enough to respond to real businesses 24/7. They announce things in advance and like many other third-party provide, care for the customer to understand what's going to happen.

The Referral bonus

They have a $5 bonus for both referred and referees... In addition, the referred will get 25% of all transactions fees covered by the app. Those include buying crypto, withdrawing it, topping up the account card and any mobile top-ups.

In order for both to get the 5$ "present", you need to transact at least more than 50€ within anything that takes fees... (yes they are not stupid)

If you are planning on using the card at least monthly, that's going to be an easy one, I would say.

Pros and Cons

Ok, this is part you should forget about all the marketing and usual strategy in the crypto world. This is my opinion and experience with the app, processes and long-time explorer (and investor at the beginning).

The app experience is really great. Available both in iOS and Android. Both versions are fast and easy to drive.

The "cryptocurrency" update delays are faster than competitors I use already. Almost as fast as the open-source explorers for each of the coins.

I have used them since their birth and consistency and awareness was always a key point of their business, so you can be sure they will warn you of any important changes.

The price of ordering the card is a downside to many users, but on the other hand, they have started a business which is available almost ANYwhere in the world. And because I know that process/compliance has costs, this is mostly why they charge for the card. In the future I foresee something to be free if they get enough customers... but they are serious about the features and will always offer a premium for anyone that wishes to seriously use their services.

Have I withdrawn to my bank account? not yet, but I am planning on it... to a European one at least. When that happens, i will let you know.



Nice to know that they offer the website in my native language too! Portuguese!

If you subscribe with my referral, please let me know. I don't care if you don't qualify for the 5$, I will still reward your intention. We need to make crypto standard business!!!


UPDATE (2019-10-13)

The card might be delayed (but for a good cause), please read this info.

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by @forykw


Hi @forykw

That seems great. I am very sorry that I live in a country where the well-organized group of criminals who hold positions in the Venezuelan government. It has blocked the population to acquire this type of cards.

But I don't lose hope of having one.

In joke mode: I can give you my credit card information to make a transfer HAHAHA is a joke.

greetings friend.

Yes, it's unfortunate and might not help on controlling criminality. But I sense that with time, people will more and more get used to transact in other values besides USD. And crypto will enable this at world level.

I have done this already this with friends, so, it's a matter of time for this to start happening in every business.

People forget that in some places in the world, you still transact using fresh food (instead of money). It's not a common thing, but it gives a perspective of how a paper with a private key (encrypted QR code for example) could impact on places where not even cell phones exist.

Eu senti-me tentado a testar mas ao seguir o teu ref link e ver a pontuação 2.9 nas reviews da Play Store fiquei receoso. Li algumas críticas de utilizadores da app e parece que eles não são muito transparentes. Pelo que percebi, temos que movimentar pelo menos 50$ para receber-mos os 5$, algo que não é mencionado por eles.
Parece-me um projeto interessante mas por enquanto vou manter me afastado e esperar por melhores feedbacks.
De qualquer modo, obrigado pelas dicas!

Não era transparente... mas agora já é... ou digamos... depois de intalares a app.. LOL. Acho que não é o forte deles... eles andam a focar tudo no "que importa"... infelizmente, se não sabes do que se trata... pensas que pode não ser interessante. E compreendo... eu próprio andei para tráz porque eles pareciam duvidosos. E houve um altura do ICO... que foi mesmo má.

Mas acho que agora já têm presença suficiente para dizer que não é uma brincadeira. Foi por isso que eu quiz fazer "barulho".

Nesse caso vou dar o benefício da duvida e vou testar... Eu evito sempre instalar apps com baixo raking mas vindo de ti, e considerando te de confiança, vou instalar. Até para poder ter uma opinião própria.
Depois deixo o meu feedback com base na minha experiência 😉

Agradeço... especialmente a experência e feedback dos outros, algo que valorizo muito no STEEM.

PS: Tenho novidades (que depois vou anunciar) no Prospectors. 😝

Já instalei a app e estou à espera da validação dos meus dados. Realmente na app eles informam sobre algumas duvidas e receios que tive (antes de instalar a app).
Vou ter que esperar 2 dias úteis para a validação e depois poderei fazer um depósito via CC. Parece me ser uma boa alternativa à Coinbase na compra de cryptos via CC.
Em relação ao Prospectors, deixei de jogar à algum tempo devido ao excesso de trabalho nas últimas semanas mas fiquei curioso em relação às novidades 😋

Dear @forykw

I actually never heard about Crypterium so thanks for sharing that info.

Could you tell me how does ref program work? I'm using nokia and I've already learned that many new tools out there are not sutiable for non-smartphone users :/

You get 5$ in tradable crypto? And new user is also receiving that much? That sounds like a great program.
(oh wait, I just read at the end of your post all explanation regarding this topic)

I also found this "4 levels reward system" to complicated lol. It kind of put me to sleep (almost) hehehe.

This is probably where you going to throw out! Yes, you can send crypto to your Mastercard Credit card. I mean, to your or anyone's Mastercard.

Okey, this seem to be HUGE and important. I cannot think of any other token out there that could be "cashed out" directly by sending it to mastercard credit card.

Does this tool also allow to purchase crypto with mastercard? :P Or is it only one-way right now?

I love this feature and I believe this is one of the key valued points for many users. The problem is... sharing my Credit Card number

Aren't you sharing your credit card even while booking things online? I bet it's a silly question. I never in my entire life had a credit card so I'm not sure how does it work lol

Upvote on the way :) catch
Yours, Piotr

Hi Piotr,

Yes you can buy crypto with VISA/Mastercard or any PCI compliant card issuer.

The 5$ are provided in CRPT tokens if I am not mistaken (would not make sense otherwise, but I might be wrong) Both the referral and referred get the same. If I can find where it says in what value you receive the 5$ I will update the post and let you know. But as you read, you need to transact more than 50€ to be eligible for the 5$.

I think the "cash out" feature works with ANY Mastercard, being that a credit or debit card. It's another thing I want to test once I can.

This app will only work for Android and iOS. But can't be probably an Android of 10 years ago... no. And some low end phones it does not work too (but this general to almost all apps nowadays).

@forykw, Sounds awesome and Multi Service Platform. I will going to check out this. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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Let me know your feedback if you give it a try. I am always looking to what others see on things I review.


Posted using Partiko Android

Crypterium looks like a great financial portal which gives back to those involved and that help spread it all over. I am surely looking for a one way stop crypto portal to offer me all the services I need and be able to transact all of my crypto portfolio,

Let me know what you find different about it if you manage to use it.

Yea, Crypterium is definitely up there with some of the most active teams in the world of blockchain. It's great to see such active development from the project!

I can't comment about the most active ones... but they have definitely not given up at least. There were moments after the ICO that I thought this was all going dead on arrival. Gladly they made great progress.

Hello dear @forykw.

Great article, super completed.

I had seen this type of innovations and digital financial products applied to cryptography, but not all gathered in a single product. Crypterium practically becomes a suite of cryptographic solutions.

The fusion between traditional financial products such as credit cards and innovative cryptography, allows to have a portfolio in a single product. Fantastic!

Thanks for the review.

Your Friend, Juan.

Your are welcome. Hopefully it can help some. I see a lot of value in these "New banks" because of the different services they offer for almost no fees or in many of the cases, rewards for utilization (at least for now).

These really are valuable solutions.

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Qué difícil es mantenerse al día con todas estas novedades. Cada uno mejor que el otro.


I agree! Felt that especially last year...

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Thx a lot for explaining so clearly..helped me a lot..up..

Glad for it. If you join let me know your experience/feedback. It's important to me.

..yes, of course..but seems that slowly there are so many crypto-card-companies, it’s getting a djungle for User like me..anyway, still working on understanding the real important stuff..up..

Parece bom, ainda estou à espera que o meu do Xapo ganhe vida, mas já não me parece :(

Não conhecia esse... parece algo simples... como o revolut...


TY for the notice. Will check it out with some free time. I am looking for a good crypto card that can meet my situation.

If you are from USA, then I recommend instead (or as first choice the one)... the app is way more mature... the only down is that the card is only available in 🇸🇬 and 🇺🇸. Soon they will Europe and then Asia. Using a referral also gives both ends some extra $50 USD.
Posted using Partiko iOS

TY. It's in my cue (have a weak phone) for the week.

Wow. Nice to liquid crypto

I need to try it.It is look very good!

 last year Reveal Comment

What country? Most countries are accepted... with some exclusions.

Also check the FAQ on their website and the most asked questions here.