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My troubles not erasing my CTP account...

I've been a member of Clicktrackprofit for a long time, even before the new version. I wasn't much on the website and each time, I was on it I manage to erase my account... lol. When updating my account settings I always wanted to save the changes by clicking this big red button which would actually erase my account... I manage to do it twice... I wonder if there is a kind of CTP badge for this achievement? In my defense I have to say that I always came back ;-)

When posting and curating on Hive I started to have more and more contact with people from the CTP community like @ph1102 or @flaxz who are amazingly active. The daily video of @ph1102 is always the first thing I watch when I come online. It's always a pleasure to watch them and a kind of initial input for my creativity;-).

I discovered the amazing potential of the Gauntlet

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to give the website another shot and I started to do the trainings with more discipline. Among many other things, I watched the video about the Gauntlet. A couple of months ago I had added my my opt-in page into the gauntlet and I hoped it would give me some leads. After watching the training, I realised the real power of the Gauntelet. I actually realized that people were giving me real feed-back on the page! I mean how valuable ist that! Thanks to everybody who made the effort to give me a feed-back!

The best about these feed-backs is that they really make sense.

Here is how my opt-in page looked in the gauntlet:

These are the feed-backs that I got from the CTP users:

Several people pointed out that the form which was in javascript and poped up after a couple of seconds wasn't always visible. This is amazingly useful information.

With these feed-backs, I adapted my opt-in page and this is how it looks now. Everything is above the fold and the form comes next to the bullet points. I adapted the form to be in html without javascript:


Even if it is maybe a very small change in appearance, such a change can improve the conversion rate a lot.

My take from this:

Don't underestimate The Power of The Gauntlet!

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The gauntlet is awesome, but yet still under used by so many folks.
Marketers always say that you have to test your pages, what better way than getting feedback by other marketers.
As you illustrate above, you can receive some helpful comments

Exactly, it's amazing and very useful to get such feed-back. I think it isn't a substitute for tracking and comparing conversion rates but it's a feed-back from other eyes. Often when we do something, we tend to believe it's perfect and it's difficult to get an external vision of it. Here the Gauntlet comes really in very handy.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Very informative post, thank you! I also have been using the gauntlet and have not received as many reviews as you, however, the reviews have been very helpful. I ended up deleting all of my sites and will be starting over. I keep reminding myself that it is a process and ROME wasn't built in a day! Otherwise I sense overwhelm and frustration. That is not the point. Life is intended to be FUN. For it to be FUN, I have to change my mindset and the way that I perceive the world. But I digress achim3, the post is about you! Well done!

Hi @kingneptune,

I ended up deleting all of my sites and will be starting over. I keep reminding myself that it is a process and ROME wasn't built in a day! Otherwise I sense overwhelm and frustration.

Thanks a lot for your comment. I believe we all have our strugles and small successes. When I started out with my first websites I was so happy when I had my first visitors until I realised these visits were from myself... lol. We all start with some frustrations but the important part is never to give up.

My kids do Karate and their teacher asked what was the difference between a white belt and a black belt? The black belt is a white belt that never gave up. I think this is very true also for internet marketing. So never give up and continue to learn. There are plenty of great people here in CTP that will gladly help you on your way.

Best regards,

Achim03, thank you for you kind remarks. Have a blessed day!

I agree andrewn!

andrewn, I like you Do it differently, Do it now, thingamajig at the bottom of your profile. How did you do that?

Great post @achim03.ctp The gauntlet is an amazing tool when it's used for what it was made for.

To many people use it as a Traffic Exchange instead of a tool to perfect your pages.

I am glad you are seeing the real power of what this tool is.

I did a big rant about this about a week ago, people putting theirs sites in and never even checking to see if it is working much less any improvements to be made or using standard affiliate pages.

I've to admit that I didn't get it either in the beginning. But this is actually so much better than a traffic exchange. It's amazing to get such feed-back. Thanks a lot for your comment!

Thanks a lot for the mention Achim, and I agree the Gauntlet is amazing, if you are upgraded you get Premium Views with your membership each month and that is where I get the best feedback ever, keep up your awesome work.

I totally agree with you about the Gauntlet. The feed-back is really valuable especially since it's given by people who are themselves in affiliate marketing. Thanks a lot for your comment!

It is the best.

You are absolutely right about the power of the gauntlet. Getting that feedback is priceless. Unfortunately, too many people think the purpose is to advertise. Kudo's to you for realizing the real value of the gauntlet.

Getting that feedback is priceless

Exactly, I don't know anywhere else where you can get such feed-back and in addition it's for free...

Awesome to read this man, and thanks for pointing out what the Gauntlet should be used for.

Great to hear you are getting value from it :)

It took me some time to realize what it really was. It's an amazing feature! Thanks a lot for stopping by.

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Firstly, thank you very much for your kind words about my content! You made my day today with that and there is no enough big upvote to override that... :) I will try to keep bringing even more value in my future vlogs and blogs...

Secondly, the CPT Gauntlet is a pretty awesome thing because the people that are giving you feedback are real gurus in their business and their opinions are even more valuable because of their experiences in the affiliate marketing...

Unfortunately, I'm still don't use it as I would have to... but I will get there...

EDIT: You are making me very hard to pick posts for ThisIsAwesome project... especially when you do 2 great posts in 24 hours... (the other one is a great tutorial for increase income from the SET )

Made in Canva

@thisisawesome Moderator

This post is AWESOME!

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Thanks a lot for your comment. I'm happy I could make your day for a change, you have made mine a couple of times already with your amazing curation activity ;-)

EDIT: You are making me very hard to pick posts for ThisIsAwesome project... especially when you do 2 great posts in 24 hours... (the other one is a great tutorial for increase income from the SET )

Hi, hi, sorry about that. I had a creative day today ;-)

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