Affiliate marketing – the perspective of the website owner

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As an affiliate marketer one often tends to see the business from ones own perspective which is ok but it is also interesting to put oneself into the shoes of a business that runs an affiliate program.

Let's say you have a very interesting idea and you launch a new website. Now you have a big challenge which is to present this project to the world. You have many possibilities to do so but most of them come with a cost. You can put ads on social media. You can pay influencers to speak about your project or you can post articles in many places that link back to your website. In general it's always resource consuming to market your project.

With an affiliate marketing program you can outsource the marketing of your project

Instead of promoting your project yourself, you can outsource the marketing to people who know this project already, the people who have already signed up to it. These users get an url of your project that they can promote. When new users register through such an url, the member who referred the new user gets a compensation of some sorts. The advantage is that you encourage your members to recruit new users. You also directly make them your ambassadors and they will not talk negatively about your project since they want to recruit new users for your project.

An affiliate marketing program allows a much better cost control

When you want to launch your project it is very difficult to evaluate the results that you are going to have with a traditional marketing campaign. It's possible that your campaign is very successful and you get a lot of new users for your project but it can also be the contrary.

With an affiliate program you have the costs always under control. You can pay the referrers with a fix amount for every new user or you can link it to the activity of the new users and you will always now how much percentage you have to deduct to pay for the affiliate program. If you are running a shop you can determine a percentage of the price that goes to the referrer and so calculate your costs.

Affiliate marketing is a very powerful tool for website owners to develop their user base or their sales.

There are also risks linked to this concept

As a website owner running an affiliate program, you risk to encounter users that want to cheat you or that use traffic sources that are dubious or illegal like spamming. So a website owner needs to be aware of that and he should be able to kick people out of the program when certain rules are broken.

As an affiliate marketer you are not only making money for yourself by promoting other websites or services. You are actually helping these websites to get customers. What you should be aware however is that you promote only websites, products and services that are legitimate. If you promote things that are obvious scam, you not only participate actively in this scam you also tarnish your own name and all your work to build up a brand and a name will be for nothing.

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Hello my dear @achim03, thanks for sharing this post.

A good marketing reference to keep in mind, very good advice to start a project today.

Hi @fucho80,
Thanks for your comment my friend!

Best regards,

Affiliate marketing in my impression is tagged along with mlm and network marketing, since this type of marketing style is very prevalent in my country where hundreds of products are marketed like this, and with the onset of cryptos, even btc is being sold like this, to the post it is becoming a risky, leading to a scam.

Project hope can be promoted very fast by this method, but along the way it needs a bigger source of funding for affiliate marketers can be compensated for their efforts.

Hi @guruvaj,

Thanks a lot for your comment. I believe that you are quite right that affiliate marketing is often seen in a negative light. However like wiht most things, there are many different ways to do affiliate marketing. When you take a look at the affiliate marketers you can put them in two categories.

  1. The ones who spam affiliate links all over the place
  2. The ones who create real added value and offer people a service that they are looking for.

I can tell you that the second category is much more successful and are much more appreciated by their followers.

Best regards,


Crypto = Person to Person, wait that's what Aff marketing tried to leverage, a digital form of word of mouth. Hmmm... hmmm

Greetings appreciated @achim03.

Very good topic that you show us.

Recently I noticed when I registered on several websites, that they all promoted an affiliate program. Apparently these programs are effective since their use is becoming very common.

Communities like Brave and Publish0x offer this program. Exchanges like Coinbase offers the opportunity to win tokens if you invite your friends.

I also noticed that certain websites offer these programs "deceptively." That is, in large letters they offer attractive prizes, but in small letters there are unfair conditions.

The Payoneer site for example:

But in general I find these programs very effective

Your friend, Juan.

Hi @juanmolina

I've found this interesting post by @steeminfobot

I was wondering, if you've ever heard about this platform (Gath3r)?

ps. I've been thinking about Payoneer affiliate program but I didn't find it really that interesting. Did you?


Thank you for your suggestion, dear friend Piotr.

Yes, I have known this platform although I have not encouraged mining.
To optimize I should have a decent GPU. In addition, the energy supply here in my country is very unstable and we are always trying to protect electronic equipment. Maybe leaving my computer on 24 hours is not a good option.
But I will think about it.

As for Payeer. I made my registration interested in acquiring a prepaid credit card that they offer. That is my interest, so far.
I noticed that it is not the best platform to make P2P payments, such as Paypal or Uphold for example.
I was also disappointed that in order to qualify for the services offered in Payeer, they always require a minimum investment or a minimum amount per transaction (some of 1000 usd).

Hi @juanmolina,
Thanks a lot for your comment. You are right, there are tons of websites that offer affiliate programs. The most prominent among them is Amazon. You are also right that not every affiliate program is interesting.

Best regards,

That is a great explanation about the opportunities and risks of affiliate marketing @achim03, thanks for sharing, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

It has therefore got a 100% upvote from @thisisawesome, for the Awesome Daily Upvotes in category CTPtalk, I give out 1 such vote in that category per day, plus 3 more in other categories, and your post will also be featured in todays Awesome Daily report for more visibility.

The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Steem ecosystem by rewarding it".

Thanks for your comment and the upvote !

Thanks @achim03, and thank you for creating awesome content.

Hi @achim03

In general it's always resource consuming to market your project.

Tell me about it ....

I've never really tried affiliate marketing and I found you post very refreshing (something new) and absolutely worth reading.

Would you think that perhaps affiliate marketing being used to promote new tribes could bring better results than simple airdrops?

Thanks for sharing also negative sides of that marketing strategy. I remember reading few times about affiliate marketers that were connected to some ICOs and when those ICOs went down - they got also in trouble.

Upvote on the way :)
Yours, Piotr

Hi buddy,

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read the post and for leaving your comment.

I think that an affiliate program has definitively a longer lasting effect than airdrops. Let's say that when a new user is referred to a platform, the person referring him earns like 2% of what the new user earns on the platform. This means that as a referrer I can make a lot of passive income. My motivation is to bring new people to the platform and also to make shure that they are active on it. The more new users and the more activity, the more I am going to earn. As an affiliate marketer in such a case I will promote the platform and also try to coach the new users and show them how it works. I could do that with youtube videos, tutorials or online courses.

So I believe that if it would be possible to introduce an affiliate program in tribes, it would definitively have a big impact.

Have a nice day my friend !


Hi @achim03

I've found this interesting post by @steeminfobot

I was wondering, if you've ever heard about this platform (Gath3r)?


Hi @crypto.piotr,
Thank you for your comment. I just read the post you mentioned and it is not something new. There are a lot of services that use the same concept. The problem is that most anti-virus systems percieve such services as a threat and block the mining script. I had installed such a service on my websites and got a lot of complaints and my website got even blocked by some anti-virus programs. I had to take it away quite quickly.

Best regards,

Thank you for sharing, Nice post
Support your post (by CTP Token)

being an affiliate,not an owner I have not thought about iy from that perspective. Thanks for making the points, now I can understand some owners concerns/ actions better.

Hi @andrewn,
Thanks a lot for your comment!
Best regards

Thanks for this informative article! It helped a lot to me to understand the pros and cons of affiliate marketing!

PS. Fix your link to HVOTE. It goes to the unknown page...

Thanks a lot for your comment and for mentioning the problem with the link. I changed it.

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