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RE: The CTP Update - Dolphin Dreamin' Is Real!

in #ctp10 months ago

Thanks a lot for the mention! I like to make statistics and rankings and I thought it would be nice to follow how the swarm progresses. However I couldn't expect to witness what happened these last days:

  • 3 New Dolphins within 24 Hours
  • @iamraincrystal just delegated 50 HP to @happyvoter even before I had time to make the dlease offers
  • As soon as I had the dlease offers on the market, they were gone in no time.
  • @russellstockley wanted to delegate too and he asked me to put more dlease offers on the market.
  • Within less than one day, the community managed to delegate 850 HP for this project!


I find it amazing how people in this community show support for each other. I believe that with this mindest we will reach the 10 Dolphins well before the end of the year!


I think it's going to get a lot busier too in the next few months....And once people 'get' what it means to build their stake here, more will jump on!

It's great that the awareness for the stake building is growing. This serves as an example for the smaller accounts and can be a big motivator for them.