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RE: So You Want To Make Money Online

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Great post. It's true that there is no reciepe for making the quick buck and if people make us believe so, well it's most of the time a quick buck for them :-).

Now more than ever it's difficult to build a business and especially a profitable one online. I've been at it for several years and only now I start to make some small profits. The big advantage of an online business is that the overhead costs can be kept quite low and therefore it may be easier to get into profitability.


I think this is the reason that so many people are looking for online "opportunities" to take advantage of. Since they do not have the initial startup costs that are part of starting a brick and mortar business, people are more likely to take a chance in this arena. That is probably why there are so many scammers out there ready to take advantage of ignorant and unsuspecting opportunity seekers. Ignorance is not a bad thing. The lack of knowledge is ignorance. The lack of willingness to obtain knowledge is stupidity. That is why my warning is...

Do your homework before investing ANY money in an online company.

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