Fear of Failure??

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I do not believe it
Failure is a popular fear.
And many people use this as their excuse not to take any action.
Is fear a failure even a real fear?
Or is it a cover up for another fear?


Like @pixiepost, I also enjoyed the video. I think you are on to something! It's more the fear of being seen by others to "fail" than failure itself that causes people to stop trying.

I agree.
For many it is not the actual failure, but the social impact of the events.
We must break free of caring so much about what non-caring folks say

I really did enjoy this video! You are very natural on camera :)

Failure unfortunately scares a lot of people & success might scare some even more. There's a personal responsibility that comes with that. I ended up calling failures "learning opportunities", which seems to help my mindset. I know the only way I can truly have self growth is to keep trying new things & see what sticks.

Thanks for taking a step out of your comfort zone & crushing it in this video :)

"Learning from opportunities" is a powerful positive spin.
hope that infects the hive.
Thanks for the positive words one the video

Great video! Yes Fear is real and what you're saying makes a lot of sense. I never really looked at from that point but it's a good point.

thanks for the response.
Fear can be real, I think that depends on the consequences.
fear of being in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time? YES
fear of launching an online business? eh, depends on who will tell u what
fear of being on the blockchain? eh,down voters and naysayers won't last

Thanks for the kind words.
Yes, fear can be real.
Fear can also be a lie.
One must look inwards to find out

Sometimes we think too much about what other people think of us. Because of that, we do not take action. We don't want to get out of our comfort zone. There is a risk when we get out of our comfort zone and do something else.

What matters most, that's important. To move forward, you have to step out of your comfort zone and stop thinking about others' opinions about yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else.

Thank you @andrewn for sharing this.

I agree.
Let's grow that comfort zone.
The bigger it is, the more we are capable to do.

Sometimes I tell people, "If I wanted your opinion, I would have gave it to you."
Generally not received well, but you get this point.

Nice video, Drew! You hit one of them on the head for me. The fear of all the questions from people who think I am doing this because I don't want to get "a real job". I am getting better at tuning that out and doing what I want to do anyway.

Thanks Lisa.
Yea the opinions that people are so willingly to share really gets tiresome.
Tune it out and find your own path to success.

You're welcome, @andrewn! And thank you! Have a great day! 😀

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Fear is paralyzing if not overcome. Thanks for the reminder 😉👍🏼

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It can be paralyzing if we give it the power.
After the first small step, wee can learn that particular fear is a lie
& take the second

You must take the initiative and not give up

personal accountability is very powerful.
My opinion is the only way to fail at internet marketing is to give up
Keep moving on

Fear is driven by ego, and ego drives our doubts, that is all fear is, doubt and uncertainty. nothing to be really afraid of, your either do ot you dont, if you do you learn, if you dont you dont

I agree.
So many folks get stopped in the fear.
Either from past experience and negative social surroundings.
Let's try to use this platform to encourage and uplift

Nice points about failure.

Failure is also learning a way that doesn't work, with enough failures eventually you should find a way that is a winner.

Thanks maddog
When we can detach the emotion from the results we are able to learn something.
What worked, what didn't, what can be changed?
Is better to look at than how we "failed"

Enjoyed the video, had some good points.

thanks for the response.
Hope to just bring some encouragement to folks

A Failure always has someting to learn..
Thanks for sharing..

keep learning is one of the most powerful things we can do.
learn from good & bad
be better and different from every experience

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Great vlog about fear and failures...

There are a lot of fear in the world at the moment and it stops people from doing a lot of things... Not just in business, but in life in general... And when your basics are in danger, people are closing themselves and nothing let in... Even success...

Thanks for a great vlog... You should do them more often... ;)

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fear freezes many things.
in this time, more than ever.
but for some, we find alternatives, look for solutions and not settle for the norm.
I have noticed this tribe has helped many overcome things and get results.
It is good. It will grow.
Thanks for the encouragement for more videos.