Hey Newbie, do not be like me

in #ctp2 years ago

Sharing a lesson I learned.
I was being very sporadic on posting & upvoting here. (very sporadic)
So I got this idea to spend some time upvoting posts I liked.

Well, I was 100% upvoting.
BAM upvote
BAM good post upvote
BAM 100% here & here and here too.

And then......it happened.
ERROR - not enough power to post.
check my power almost all gone.
ok. send steem to steem power
ERROR - not enough power.
Oh what the????? now stuck for a day
What to do, what to do?

Well, i bought some bitcoin, converted it to steem, power it up to power.
I am back with power to be active again.

Lesson learned: Post & comment more.
Pay attention to voting weight
And watch power levels.

no power is no bueno.


LOL Ahhh yeah, the voting power dilemma!

Hey man, glad you got some Steem powered up! Welcome to the addiction!

lol, yeah I have enough steem powered up these days to let me post, have only got that error once in the past couple of months, and thats because I also post madly on Appics and CTP Taklk, and had posted in a couple of other tribes as well.

Have enough ctp tokens powered up to be upvoting , but its the steem volume you want powered up for posting :)
on one hand its a dilemna when you get that error, on the other hand it means you are being active :)

Good stuff. 100% upvote, lol. :)

That could be a problem lol

Yeah that needs to be kept in check, and nice that you powered up, stay awesome.

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I went through a very similar experience but for some reasons I don't remember I could buy crypto. Jon came to the rescue and sent power.