Who owns the Currency?

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Many of you know Robert Kiyosaki.
He is the man behind rich dad, poor dad.

Alot of what he expresses I can relate with, as so much about money & wealth so many of us are not taught about.
Or, actually worse have learned some bad habits.

I received an email from him a bit ago and I thought I would share it here
I believe there are three types of money.

There is gold – God’s money.

There is the dollar – governments’ money.

Then the newest type of money...
Cryptocurrency – the people’s money.

Crypto was created to bypass all the government and corrupt elites’ interference and corruption and hopefully…
Share the massive wealth with the world.
Crypto was created to be a modern-day Robin Hood.
It does not steal wealth from the rich but it makes a level playing field so we all have a chance at wealth and success

After being here for a short period of time, I am finding myself agreeing with that statement.
my crypto is mine. up or down, high or low, it is mine.
no other person has control or claim to it.

Happy to be here.
That is all.


Hello @andrewn - I agree that your Crypto is yours and it is open to all fluctuations of monetary implications.
It worth is somewhat Like Gold - open to the Market

I dont believe Gold is Gods money, as I would not thing God was in need of Money, God does not set the value, Humans do, Gold is a mineral the fact that Humans have placed a value on it because it can be shiny is irrelevant.

Crypto is just as much vulnerable to the value that humans place upon it. It may be yours however its value is not.

So it gives you the value you want from it, eg; when you choose to swap it


thanks for the insight.
I agree God does not really have a need for said Gold.
I guess we could say he created, and as you stated humans added the value to it.

Agree. It is about the value of the currency.
It does feel a little better being out of government control.

I can agree with this 100%. Crypto is an entrance door to all the people in the world that don't have access to a bank account or to a credit card. Everybody can have his crypto on a phone a laptop or even somewhere in the cloud. As long as we have the keys to our wallets, this money is ours!

the value of the currency may rise or fall, but it remains our.

Side note example. Went to the ATM last week and got: "this account is disconnected from this card.
Please visit a local branch."

Thanks for sharing that Andrew! I am loving watching my crypto holdings grow and knowing that I can earn this money without any interference from a boss or the government.

it is nice watching them grow, even slowly in my case.

But the great thing is they are mine.
Mine today, mine tomorrow, mine next year.

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