Movers & Shakers of the CTP top 100 - Week 38

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CTP Top 100 MS.png

This is a snapshot of what has happened among the top 100 on the CTP richlist during last week.
The movers is those that have moved the most places forward on the list.

The shakers are those who have made the biggest positive percent change on their amount of CTPtokens.
The reason I use percent change and not amount change, is because it features people that have increased their amount of CTP compared to the amount they had.
Because it is an achievement to be able to go from 1000 CTP to 1500 CTP since it is harder to manage to earn it than for a person having 30000 CTP going to 31000 even if that is a bigger amount.
This will help feature people that maybe are not so often thought of but are still doing great.

To be counted among the movers or shakers you have to stay in the top 100.

I have made the list of shakers bigger from 3 to 10.

The biggest Movers are:

1 - @elizabetamt
Moving 13 places from #58 to #45.
2 - @ph1102.ctptrail
Moving 12 places from #98 to #86.
3 - @jangle
Moving 4 places from #69 to #65.

The biggest Shakers are:

1 - @elizabetamt 39% gain since last week.
2 - @ph1102.ctptrail 38% gain since last week.
3 - @null 23% gain since last week.
4 - @jk6276 18% gain since last week.
5 - @alokkumar121 17% gain since last week.
6 - @thepriceof 11% gain since last week.
7 - @gurseerat 11% gain since last week.
8 - @ayhamyou 10% gain since last week.
9 - @greensempire 9% gain since last week.
10- @globetrottergcc 8% gain since last week.

New or returning are:

@lukeisalive at #81
@ctpsb at #93
@theycallmedan at #100

Keep up the good progress.
Until next week.


It's nice to see familiar names that are staking tokens which brings them value in a long term! Good job, @elizabetamt, @jangle, and others!

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This is great report and I see 17% gain that's not bad but I need to take it higher. Thanks for sharing this nice post

I always enjoy to look at this ranking :-)

RY for mention and congrac to all

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