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Not this kind.
I'm talking about the cloud type. Those of you familiar with Bitcoins and crypto know how these work. Think more like this:cryptocurrency.png

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and not the white fluffy kind.
When we talk about miners on the blockchain and specifically Steem, we mean miner tokens. The two I currently have are CTPM or the CTP Miner and one for LEO (at the suggestion of a friend whom I trust). The first one is for use at https:ctptalk.com and the other is for https//steem.leo which is an investment community. If you want to create there, make sure your posts are on-topic when you use that tag.
Where do you go to get the miner tokens? I'm glad that you asked. https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=LEOM
and https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CTPM respectively. The LEO fluctuates in value based on market fluctuations just like any other token. Currently and subject to change CTPM is locked in at 3 Steem each. It delivers every single day. The amount of the payout will vary. I have recouped my investment. LEOM I have had for about an hour at the time of this writing. But, I believe it will do great as well.
Once you have them in hand Steem-engine, you must stake them in order for them to work. Then the magic happens!

(no real wizards, or is there?)
One may never know! Once they are staked, you'll see the tokens start stacking in Steem-Engine.
I hope this helps. This is not meant to be anything near an in-depth article into mining. Nor should it be taken as investment advice.
As always just my .02¢ YMMV

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awesome post

So what is a good number of CTP miners to stake and what kind of return do you typically make daily per miner?

Those are two very excellent questions. I wish I had an equally excellent answer. The truth is, I don't. Steem does not differentiate in how tokens are labeled as to where they come from.
CTPM is based pretty much on the LEOM.
I read it and paste it here for you.
How exactly mining works with LEOM & LEOMM?
Digital mining tokens on Steem Engine work on a sort of “lottery ticket” system based on your mining power. Different miners have different settings but here’s how LEOM and LEOMM work:

There are 30 winning miner “tickets” per hour, every hour of every day —> 30 potential winners each hour
1 mining power = 1 chance at winning a slot (i.e. if you have 1 LEOMM, then you have 4 potential chances to win 1 of these slots)
1 miner can win more than once (this is why having more LEOMM or LEOM will result in bigger payouts — you will win more often and you may even win more than 1x per hour)
The mining pool is 15% of the total inflation which means that there are 300,000 LEO tokens being distributed this year from the mining pool.
Each hour the system selects 30 random winning “tickets” (based on mining power) and then automatically distributes these tokens to the winning miners who can then claim the rewards in their Steem Engine wallet.

I have about 100 CTPM staked. I know I get tokens from it around the clock. I'm sorry I cannot give you a better answer.

Wow! 100 CTPM... amazing! Ok, it's wait and see for me. Somehow, I like it a lot that I'm learning from this.

just buy 1 and build from there.

I actually have 5 only right now. LOL! Planning to have more. Glad to see your recommendation. So I'll need to adjust my goals. :)

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Thanks for the info. That is kind of what I had been thinking, about 100 CTPM

You're very welcome.

I like reading this one, thx for your post in here.

Thank you Sig