My story of how I earned here without spending my own money.

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This is in no way investment advice

A funny thing happened to me last night.
Not funny in a "Funny how? Am I a clown? Do I amuse you,way? " But rather more in a "funny how that works" sort of way.

Let me explain. I've been around Steemit and Steem off and on for a few months. I started with one account and proceeded to lose my keys (Life lesson there) Started a second one, made some posts and comments and whatnot. I even gained a tiny amount of SBD/SP. Nothing worth mentioning.
Then I found CTP or again.

Voila! a new steem account was born. I've covered CTP in other posts so, I won't rehash old stuff. You can look for those at your leisure. Now there are a few parts to this tale. I will keep them as simple as I can and I will tell you how I made money without spending a dime of my own.
First and foremost, be active here. Show up every day. I cannot emphasize this enough. Upvote and comment on everything you find of interest. Watch your voting power though. What's that, you may be asking? This explains it far better than I can. Thanks, @capitalpink ! Make yourself familiar with It s the backbone for tracking any tokens you have earned or been given for free from a tribe.

ctp info.png
Stake stake stake and then stake some more. You can trade tokens for Steem. Once you have that, you can "buy" other tokens to stake or hold and trade as the price goes up. In all fairness (this is the blockchain after all and transparency rules) I was dropped my first amount of CTP tokens. I immediately staked the entire amount. As more people started showing up and posting, you guessed it, I went out and upvoted. Not just the posts but comments I agreed with as well. See, that is one of the beautiful things here. I got ctp for posting, for voting and votes on my comments as well. I pretty much stake every token I get. Not only that, I got steem at the same time, and with that, I bought more ctp tokens.
When they brought out the CTPM or miner, I traded in some ctp tokens and bought some as well.
So far, I haven't spent a dime of my own. I did, however, pay with some ETH and LTC I had. But, you said you didn't spend a dime. That's right, I didn't. It was all free crypto to me. Here's how. Coinbase, which is a popular crypto wallet and trading site and they are offering free crypto for watching some training videos. This is one
Spend an average of 10 minutes and get free coins. Once you have them, do what you want with them. Trade them for BTC or LTC or cash them out to your bank account. Still free, right?
Now, my very favorite part, the payout. I've mentioned a lot of things, staking, trading, etc. I took some of that Steemp I accrued and withdrew it. Not a crazy amount, I'm in this for the long haul. I took out about 5.00 adjusted for market fluctuations. That was about 25 Steem. You may get more or less depending on prices.
The thing is, I earned for doing things I'd be doing anyway. Facebook or twitter has never paid me a cent in a combined 12 years of both. Why not do those things on CTPTALK? There are apps that look and feel just like IG does for your phone. I use the one from @Appics. It's new and has some issues. Part of the magic of being an early adopter, I suppose.
Look, even if you never do the coinbase/crypto angle. Stick with this and you will still earn, just a little bit slower.

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A great journey to read about @athomewithcraig, and your advice for earning without investing anything out of your own pocket is outstanding, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

It has therefore got a 100% upvote from @thisisawesome, for the Awesome Daily Upvotes in category CTPtalk, I give out 1 such vote in that category per day, plus 3 more in other categories, and your post will also be featured in todays Awesome Daily report for more visibility.

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Wow! TY TY for the shout out. It's very much appreciated!
I'm so happy people are finding it helpful and maybe being inspired by it a little bit.

Thank you very much Will Craig. 😉

Great advice @athomewithcraig, and nice to read your journey, have an awesome day.

The tokens are a game changer! I stake every token I receive in airdrops. I'm currently tracking which ones I'm earning. Eventually, I will unstake some and trade them for the ones I regularly earn, I might hold a few for investment.

I love it! Some you get dropped, and you just have a gut feeling there is no reason to keep them.

Thank you dear @athomewithcraig
This is the kind of information I needed.
It encourages me to try.
Stay great!

I'm so very happy I was able to help you. I love this program.

Great post Craig it will help a ton of folks for sure. Resteemed for you

Thank you very much

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Great post @athomewithcraig I will definitely get into the CTP tokens as soon as I can. Thanks for the sound advice.

Absolutely! I'm glad you found something helpful here.

Me too, @athomecraig me too! ;)

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like the post :) Stake Stake n Stake some more, solid advice

Seems to be working... 7k in tokens or bust!