5 Simple Steps To Earn A Commission By Next Week

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How to earn a commission by next week may seem like a bold statement to some but if you think this is not possible it is probably because you are not an action taker and have a mindset problem.

If that is the case open your mind and get out of your way.

Here are my 5 steps do this exactly and you will earn a commission by next week.

Step 1
Take a FREE tour
Taking a free tour is the first step, this does not cost you anything and is a video presentation because our mentor and CEO Josh Zwagil can explain our company better than anyone.

Step 2
After you watch the presentation sign up as a free affiliate or with a product order.
You can sign up as a free affiliate and you will make 20% on each sale you make.
We suggest you come in with a product order the bigger the better to increase your income chances because depending on your level of commitment we pay up to 85% commissions.

Step 3
Add me on Telegram
This is the best way to get one on one training and help.

Step 4
Share these steps with people i will show you how and help you find people, you will not be doing this alone and i am looking for people specifically wanting to work as a team.
I personally send you free traffic on top of your own efforts this does not guarantee anything but i already know most people will not do this for you in most other companies or teams.
Here is proof of general free traffic sent i also help you find referrals on top of this through social media.

Step 5
Follow our FREE training to increase your income
We provide free live weekly training from leaders within the company as well as training from some of the biggest names in the industry. We have had training from industry leaders, people like Robert Hollis, Ray Higdon & Bob Proctor just to name a few and all this is available on replay.

Everything you need to build a business online is provided including multiple replicated websites, multiple capture pages, traffic rotator, mdc genius mobile marketing app and more.

How we get paid is awesome you have a choice.

That's it 5 simple steps to earn a commission by next week.

What you decide to do next will define the success you have, i am just here to let you know i am ready to help you every step of the way so are you ready?

Reach out let's get you your first referral today.
It all starts here with a FREE Tour https://bit.ly/3lFSObv


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