5 ways you could make money online today

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There are hundreds of different ways that you could earn money online.

Here i will quickly cover 5 ways.

  1. Sell Your Items - We all gather things we never use that just end up collecting dust in our homes, we can choose to gift these items or we can choose to sell them online. I have a clear out in my house every so often the rule being if i have not used it in 6 months then i don't need it. These items could be worth money to us and can be sold on classified ad sites, Facebook marketplace, Ebay, Amazon just to name a few.

  2. Content Creation - Another way to make money is by becoming a content creator this can be done through blogging about a subject you like, by making videos, images, art and so on. Even posting to social media is content creating even if it is just an image or quote the is creating content, The best place to make money creating content in my opinion has to be here on the Hive.Blog blockchain.

  3. Affiliate Marketing - Another way to make money online is through affiliate marketing, this is where you partner up with a company you like to promote their products and services. Most companies have some kind of affiliate program, some will cost you money to join but most are free. You can combine affiliate marketing with content marketing for the best results in this area by doing blog review posts or video review posts.

  4. Crypto - You can also earn money online by mining. accumilating or trading crypto currencies and this is huge right now as we move forward in the future of making money online. There are absolutely tons of options open to you when it comes to earning crypto online with more and more options appearing everyday. There are faucets, mining platforms, mining apps, blogging platforms, browsers, games and much more just to name a few.

  5. Gaming - Gaming is a huge industry and there are tons of games and ways to make money online with them. You can obviously buy and sell games for sure but you can also, refer people to some games, sell mods, upgrades and even in game items. You could create a blog or video channel or you could do live streaming and much more.

That is it just 5 simple ideas of how you could start earning money online i hope you enjoyed this post.

If you would like more ideas about how you could make money online sign up to my free rainbows and unicorns email course where you can learn hundreds of more ways with indepth help, advice and much more.

I even give away free digital products, hold competitions where you get a chance to win free stuff and special offers not seen anywhere else. I will even be giving away free crypto tokens on occassions just for you being a subscriber.


Those are great ideas for earning some money...

My wife is doing No1, and I'm doing the rest... She likes to sell things :)

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That's awesome Zoltan @ph1102 no 1 is absolutely a great way to have a clear out, i know a lot of people that actually started online that way.

Wishing you both success with it all bro

Have an amazing day

Nice list of income opportunities Ben, and the best thing is that you can combine them too, and with Hive and CTPtalk that is very easy to do, synergies puts it on a whole new level, keep up your great work.

Hi. Just getting started in CTP and learning about blockchain. This post came up in my search and looks awesome! Right away it gave me some good info and ideas about how and what to post. I think this will make my journey into social media a little easier. Much success to everyone here. 👍👍👍