A Good Mindset Will Set Your Week Up Right

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Having a good mindset is key to success in anything you do, it is best to set this up right from the beginning of the week.

Forget yesterday, forget the other week, this is a new week.

I start everyday off with positive affirmations and meditation.

I find i good amount of time for most people is 15-30 minutes.

Next i do at least 30 minutes worth of personal development training daily more up to 4 hours if i have the time.

Spending an hour or more if you can implementing affirmations, meditation and personal develoment into your daily routine will help you set each week and day off in the right mindset.

It may all seem a little strange at first, but it works give it a fair go and you will start to see improvements.


Some Affirmation Examples.

My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.
I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful.
Each day of my life is filled with abundance.
I make the right choices every time.
I am a unique and special person.

You can google more if you need them.

For meditation you will need a quiet space either in your home or out in nature.
All meditation is simply a breathing exercise, simply allocate some time, clear your mind of all problems and worries.
Remove all other distractions.
Use relaxing music or sounds if you don't like quiet.

Performing Your Meditation
Time your breaths.
The point of any meditative technique is to take your mind off potentially distracting thoughts.
Hold your breath in for 2 seconds count them
Focus on the curve of your breath.
Focus on your muscle reaction.
Focus your mind on how parts of your body react to your breathing.
Think of a word or phrase like “breathe” to repeat to yourself when you catch your mind wandering.

Personal development start investing in yourself buy and read books, audio's, podcasts, videos and courses.


You will be surprised how much you will learn and gain just from exploring your personal development daily.

Hope this helps have an amazing and blessed week



I make the right choices every time.

wow! Look like I need to stop thinking about past choices and keep moving.

Thank you @saachi
Yes keep moving forward don't worry about mistakes and fails it's just part of the journey, every step will take you closer to success.
Have a blessed day