Are downline builders stopping your traffic website from flourishing?

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I am not a fan of downline builders and the reason being is because most website owners do not attend them enough and it seems like a lot when you have 20 plus websites in them.

Links that don't work is not a good look.

There as to be a bit of reality checking going on in this area.

I get the point of downline builders but what i don't understand is downline builders in certain traffic websites.

If your a traffic website then i have come to your website for traffic not the affiliate programs you have decided to join.

See the chances are if i am at your website for the traffic i probably already have a business or even multiple streams of income, i probably already have tools too.

Also your downline builder should consist of your top resources not just every website you have ever joined because as soon as people hit your downline builder they are leaving your website.
See with every traffic site having these downline builders as well the only chance you have of that person returning is if you are being suggested by other sites or when people are finding Luke assuming your even one of the sites Luke can be found and your being recommended by Click Track Profit.

Traffic websites should be created with the user in mind not the owner, you already will weight your offers above your users, a perk of owning the website i guess, but you then put these in a downline builder as well.

Seeing as most traffic website owners do not have a feature where the owner can add their own opportunity even, this seem extremely unfair on your users experience. So why would that user then upgrade or even buy traffic because your downline builder offers a ton of other traffic websites where they can get more reach for free.

If i go to a traffic website and see a downline builder with 20 - 40 other websites this tells me several things.

  1. You don't believe in your own traffic source.
  2. Your not really interested in your users experience.
  3. Your really just affiliate marketer.

Also it is going to hurt your websites reputation if your sending me to other websites that are dead this as happened a lot to me.

I would also like to point out if your traffic site has loads of tools and opportunities i have to pay for just to put my affiliate id in why the hell would i send people to it if i do not need to pay for these and so chose not to take part.

There is no user out there coming to your website thinking i would love to build someone else's income by sending them my team.

Look you can choose to agree or disagree but i am talking from a users point of view, a user is a potential customer, you should be listening to customers actual and potential it's good business.

The reason i wrote this post was because i wanted to do reviews on traffic websites, when i reached out to the first owner to let them know a couple of the links were not working. Yes they removed them but added a ton more in, more than there was before and several of these were just links to their multiple lists.

I am a user of your website and already on your one of your many list's you should be sending these through your list not adding them to the downline builder where i can not add an affiliate id no one wants to build your multiple lists for you.

Will be honest this experience is putting me off especially as i know nearly every other website will have added programs the site before did not have, which means i could be joining stuff forever instead of building my business or i just choose not to promote your website instead.

Me and my team needs to focus on building not joining tons of stuff all over the internet, just because your unfocused does not mean i am and i am certainly not teaching my team this either.

I would rather hurt your feelings than harm your future.

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I'm not that affiliate marketing savvy to give my opinion on this, but I can say that this post can be a nice starting point for a great discussion! I hope that more experienced members will give us their opinion...

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Thank you Zoltan just seems like people within the industry accept this is the way it is and continue to do this to their websites it is super off putting and not a good user experience in my opinion.