Are You Struggling To Build Your Business Online?

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If you want to succeed be willing to reach out to others (3).png

A lot of people are too afraid to admit if they are struggling to build their business and this act alone could be your fail point.

Think about it if your too worried about admitting you are struggling, then how are you going to get help?

If you don't admit it, yeah you may eventually find the answer but the fact is someone could have already advised you and helped you out so you could move forward.

I can tell you now if you can't even admit it, the chances are your going to give up looking for the answers if it goes on too long.

Also if you are not able to admit it, then your not going to ask people for help either. You will spend and waste tons of time looking for answers when someone in your circle or even someone outside your circle could have helped you.

Don't waste tons of time searching for answers, we live in an information age and a lot of that information is just plain crap.

Ask people for help if your struggling.

If people ask you how things are going don't just say they are awesome because you want to make seem like things are great.

Something your struggling with may take you hours, days, weeks or months to find the right answer. If you was just was upfront from the beginning, someone may be able to give you the answer or direct you where you can get the answers and help you need.

Struggling isn't failing not asking for help when you need it is failing or at least it will be.

Admitting when you need help is not a weakness.

Everyone that is building a business with any kind of success will have gone through what your struggling with or will at least know others that have also gone through it.

Don't let your EGO be the thing that makes you fail.

Don't let silence be your achilles heal.
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Well said Ben, we must first admit to others that we have a problem before we can get the help we need, keep up your good work.

Absolutely Erik your right bro thanks @flaxz have a blessed one bro

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Ask people for help if your struggling.

I have to admit that I'm guilty regarding this... And it's not that I don't admit to myself that I'm struggling, it's just the feeling that I will bother others with my problems, and take their time on my stupidity...

I know that it's usually not like that, and a lot of friends would jump in to help me if I have some problems, but I would try all possible ways by myself, before trying some help from "outside"...

I have to work on that...

Thanks for this interesting post and topic... Cheers!

I understand Zoltan @ph1102 i use to also think like this but if your moving in the world of entrepreneurship then it is all about serving others or if your reaching out to real friends they will be more than happy to help i am sure.

The reason i brought this subject up is because within our team often people will struggle on things then not say anything for weeks. When the solution they needed was some simple direction, took less then 10 minutes to explain and less than 15 minutes total for them to be back on track.

They wasted weeks looking for the answers rather than just asking from the beginning.