Plan To Succeed Or You Plan To Fail

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If you are building a business online or thinking about it plan it.

I speak to people everyday and what i have been finding is most people have no plan at all they are just winging it.

This is why you find so many people jumping from opportunity to opportunity in affiliate marketing because they have no idea or plan in place.

Yes some people just get SOS (shiny object syndrome) but a lot of people it is just because they have no plan in place.

There is a reason why the company i am with gives you a business start up kit with a plan of action in it, also try going to a bank for a loan for a business with no plan and see how far that gets you.

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If you are not planning your business for success then you are planning for it to fail it is as simple as that, sorry but it is the truth ask any successful entrepreneur or business.

Simple Tips For Creating A Business Plan

  1. Choose Your Audience
    Before you even begin writing a business plan, you should decide who it will be targeted at.

  2. Build A Clear Vision
    If you don’t already have a strong vision for your business, then it’s important that you build one before starting work on a business plan. A vision is an image of where you want your business to be in the future (a goal, per se), which even determines the actions that you take. Naturally then, having a strong, clear vision is very important in creating a well-guided business plan.

  3. Use Business Analysis
    Using various different business analyses allows you to discover a number of different internal and external factors which you might have otherwise not considered.

  4. Set Realistic Goals
    While it’s good to be optimistic, make sure that the goals you set are realistic and attainable. Not only will achieving more goals (even if they are a bit easier) improve the morale of those immediately inside the business.

  5. Consider Different Time Frames
    Business plans are normally set over a certain time period.

  6. Be Logical, Rational, and Conservative
    Just like point number four, your business plan should be logical, rational, and conservative.
    Aside from setting realistic goals, this can mean:
    Properly supporting any claims or assumptions
    Fully fleshing out the means to achieving goals
    Considering the possibility of worst-case scenarios
    Minimizing the amount of ‘fluff’ or ‘empty words’ included in the plan.

  7. Review Your Plan
    Finally, you should periodically review your plan to make sure that your business is going in the right direction.
    Sometimes, your business plan might even need to be reworked if you see new opportunities or threats in the market.
    Either way, it is good to make sure that what your business is doing is consistent with your plan, which should be both well thought out and up-to-date.

A good business plan will set you up right in the beginning you know like a professional.

There is no point even considering starting a business unless your willing to plan it out because the truth of the matter is, it will fail if you do not have a clear idea of what you are doing or where the business is going.

If your not planning your business jumping from opportunity to opportunity will not fix the fact that you keep failing.

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Have an amazing day plan your success thanks for reading


Very interesting post.

Did you ever think that some people just don't know what type of program they want or what fits for them. I believe that in affiliate marketing you may need a plan but it doesn't have to be a formal business plan.

I will not disagree with you @successchar but what i would say to these people is follow your passion find stuff you like with a company you can respect in that niche and join their affiliate program most companies have them now.

Another thing they can do is find a person they respect in the niche they want to be in and join their team.

I wasn't looking for a product, company or business when i joined mine i was just supporting a friend with his business and tried one of his products, now i am all in working on my second business plan.

Yeah quity. but hard to even make daily plan. If I can not accomplish that what the use. But yeah. That is very good post I may not be good at plans as I old now and may be gone soon. ok am a smartass. yes this great post. I reblog this cause it is very well written

LOL thank you @adysscheryl it's ok even a basic plan is a good start if your already building a business you just have to make some notes where to you see your business in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year.
What do you want to accomplish in this time?

How big will your team be?

How much will you be making?

Plans never go perfect and always need adjusting just gives you something to aim for.

This is why Jon Olson @jongolson talks about setting daily tasks and goals that is basically building a business plan as you go kind of, basically a business plan is just an extended verision of that.

Thank you for your response. yep right. even never make a dime. I will be ok. but I have to fair and honest and getting off target

Thank you for this awesome post. You have made a number of great suggestions.

Thank you for commenting @slackerman have a blessed and successful day bro

Yes some people just get SOS (shiny object syndrome)

Actually, observing affiliate marketing people here, I would say that a lot of people have that syndrome :)

And agree about the planning... There is no chance to develop a successful business without it... Those tips are very good!

Thanks for sharing!

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Yes Zoltan @ph1102 you see it all the time in affiliate marketing some of it is SOS and some of it is people just did not have a plan in the first place or bothered to develop one after.

Unfortunately even some people just haven't realized that they are the problem and that they have things they need to fix. So they jump from opportunity to opportunity thinking it is the opportunities that are the problem which it's not lol.

Glad you liked it bro am actually re-doing my action plan at the moment which got me onto writing this post because i now have to consider things like the blockchain and how it all fits in alongside my business and tools.

I see the blockchain as an important tool that it needs to be in my business plan as i believe it will play an big part as i move forward.

Have an awesome day bro

I see the blockchain as an important tool that it needs to be in my business plan as i believe it will play an big part as i move forward.

I believe that blockchain and cryptocurrencies will be crucial, especially in the next couple of years ahead of us... Of course, I can be wrong, but crypto is my biggest focus...


I agree Zoltan @ph1102 which is why i am adding it in the mix in my plan it has to be counted