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This was a terrible week for me as i was ill all week with a stomach bug that took the whole family down.

Oh the joy of having young children LOL

I did manage to send out a few emails but didn't really post much.

I will be honest i had kind of wrote the week off.

However it was not a completely dead week even though i was unable to do much for my business.

Fact is if you take time off, this should not stop the growth of your business if your building it right in the first place.

We have a simple 5 step plan that anyone can follow.

Step 1
Take a FREE tour https://bit.ly/328Wnig
Taking a free tour is the first step, this does not cost you anything and is a video presentation because our mentor and CEO Josh Zwagil can explain our company better than anyone.

Step 2
After you watch the presentation sign up as a free affiliate or with a product order.
You can sign up as a free affiliate and you will make 20% on each sale you make.
We suggest you come in with a product order the bigger the better to increase your income chances because depending on your level of commitment we pay up to 85% commissions.

Step 3
Add me on Telegram
This is the best way to get one on one training and help from our team outside of Facebook.

Step 4
Teach others to do the same, that is all building a business online is, teaching others to do the same as you, keep your process simple so others can easily follow it.

Step 5
Connect with people and follow our success formula which we give to you.
We have an effective but simple success formula given to us by other successful people within the company.
All you have to do is follow it.
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Are you new to Hive, do you need a guide?


Wish you good health.
Keep going . Wish you all the luck.

Thank you @saachi have a great day