Working with others because communities matter

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This Thursday at 12 noon EST, 5pm UK i am doing a live with some fellow team mates Ed Mayer and Chad Cook.

If you are building a business online and want to be successful, it is important to work well with others.

This can be with team mates, through engagement with fellow business owners or investors or within communities you belong.


There is several reasons this could be helpful.

First if your in a team it shows you are a team player.
Second it also validates you within the circles you move.
Third it is good to be able to bounce ideas of other people.
Fourth it is how you get to know other people.
Fifth it's just nice manners.

These are just a few reasons why, there are more.

I don't understand people that just ignore other people and try and go solo because this is never really going to work especially if your promoting something, the whole point is you want other people to join or buy from you.

You will not achieve any serious amount of success just lone wolfing your way across the internet.

I am not saying it can't be done, it just seems like a really hard road to go down and a little sad.

Yes it maybe a little hard at first but as soon as you start working well with others, things will start to happen faster.

I suffer from mental illness and naturally i am a private person, so i get why people find it hard.

But it doesn't mean you should not work well with others, like anything in life the more you do it the easier it will get.

For our first live stream we will being doing it on Facebook, all going well it may become a regular thing that we do on multiple platforms but for now because we all work Facebook mainly it makes the most sense.

If you want to pop along you will be able to access it through my group Mental Wealth Domination, would be great to have you there if you have the time.

Click the image below to join the group.


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