Your Mindset, Your Perception, Your Choice

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I said everything i need to say in the title but let's expand a little.

Fact is it's true.

Your mindset and how you perceive things is your choice.

Only you can change your mindset and only you can change your perception you have full control.

If you keep telling yourself the same story and keep doing the same actions nothing will change.

If your not happy in your life or not happy where your business is going but you keep thinking the same way and taking the same actions the results will always stay the same.


Believe or not
Can or can't
Open or closed

See people will say this book, this film, this whatever changed my life.

I don't doubt the influence but it was because you opened your mind, so your perception was changed because of the choice you made subconsciously.

You were ready...

"When the student is ready the teacher will appear"

Your Mindset, Your Perception, Your Choice


Very well said, @benthomaswwd!People sometimes refuse to accept these facts but you are entirely in control of how you choose to look at a situation and react to it. I know I need to sometimes just stop take a breath and reevaluate before I say something that might blow things out of proportion.

Absolutely agree @lisamgentile1961 i think if we are all honest we are all a little guilty of letting things get to us and allowing emotions to take over it is just human nature.

However it is important to prepare ourselves against this especially within business, something i found helps is to take time out while i am online to meditate.

It doesn't even have to be long a good 10 -15 minutes can do a lot for your mood.

This is great for resetting your day if it is not going well but also a great way to start your day off right.


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