How I made $300 in commissions. #massivesuccess

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Yesterday, Thursday June 11, 2020 I looked at my affiliate commissions at Traffic Leads 2 Income Viral Mailer (TL2IVM). I was surprise to see I had made $300 in affiliate commissions.


I said I was surprised but was I really surprised, maybe not. Why not? The product, with all its, benefits sells itself once your potential leads learns all the facts and here they are:

The Why!

TL2IVM is owned and administered by Robert Gehring an internet marketer with over 20 plus years of experience. His “why” is to help individuals succeed in being an entrepreneur. Rob wanted to share his knowledge, his successes, and failures so we do not duplicate in our journey in becoming an entrepreneur. The Click Traffic Profit mastery for TL2IVM was created. The mastery teaches how to use the viral mailer and create daily habits to become successful.
TL2IVM is the only mailer I am aware of, that provides 7 steps to help you create a lead capture page and thank you page. Two important pieces needed to build your list and not someone else’s.

  • TL2IVM, depending on your membership level, gives you 10,000 mailing credits every day.
  • TL2IVM, can allow you to mail every 4 hours.
  • TL2IVM allows you to add your affiliate programs in the referral downline builder.

I and many members believe in TL2IVM and in Rob Gehring in guiding the members to succeed.


TL2IVM is incredibly unique. I am unaware of another tool like TL2IVM. The members are giving step by step instructions to create a successful funnel. The funnel guides individuals to enter their contact information. Then to join the telegram room,

When the individual comes into the room, they are greeted by real people. People who want to help them succeed with this program. They are then asked to join a coach in the support room. The support room is where they are shown we are real people behind the product, real people to help you along, real people to support in your entrepreneurial journey.


What does TL2IVM have? TL2IVM has the “recipe for success”!

  • TL2IVM has monitors that provides you, the member, support.
  • TL2IVM has the massive success funnel and the 7 steps massive success system.
  • TL2IVM is a viral mailer.
  • TL2IVM is a list builder.

As you can see TL2IVM is much more than a mailer. I have only touched on a few of the highlights, so expect more a few more blog post from as I tell you more of my journey to becoming a successful entrepreneurial.

To Your Massive Success

Michael Camire - Massive Success Coach
Facebook -
Telegram - @michaelcamire
Twitter -
Phone/Text - (334)595-9050


Congrats man.

Awesome success story. And shows the power of showing up and always being there for customers and clients.

Big win for you sir!!

And that what it was, I was there at the webinar and then when he made the call for everyone to meet in the room, I was the only one and then the person from the webinar came in and you know the rest of the story.

I wish more people understood that...You get 'lucky' when you show up every day lol But it's not luck...It's literally, the effort you put in...Pays off down the road. Well done man!

This is an awesome personal experience and a great program review!
Thanks for sharing!

Made in Canva

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Thank you and it is a great program. I have gotten 202 so far in my downline.

Great job, Michael. Awesome and great. |

Thank you Simon.

Congrats to your success, and really nice info about TL2IVM, I have not dived in very deep there yet, but it's coming soon, stay awesome.

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