Start by Reaching Out to Your Best Customers Via Email

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Start by Reaching Out to Your Best Customers Via Email

In order to add more personalized marketing to your marketing mix, the first thing you’ll want to do is ensure that you have a way to figure out who your top customers are so that you can start by reaching out to your best customers via email.

You should be able to find out this information via your shopping cart. If you sometimes bill people for work outside of your shopping cart, look at your invoice system, or if you take payment via PayPal, you can look there. If you use bookkeeping software, you can also look at the information there.

Mine the Data

Using the technology you’ve used to build your business, email, shopping cart, bookkeeping, and so forth, figure out who your top customers are. You’ll want to make a list of questions to answer about each of your customers as you mine the data. If you cannot answer all your questions right now, that’s okay because that will signal the need to design a way to gather that information if you really need it.

Organize Your Findings

Once you go through your data, put the information together in a way that you can use it. Using customer files, MS Excel files, Trello, or anything that works for you to organize the information so that it can be sorted, added to, and used is essential.

Send a Personalized “Touching Base” Individual Email

Once you pinpoint the customers you want to reach out to one-on-one, start digging into their information so that you can gather the facts and information you need to write the email so that it is very personalized and customized.

For example, if that customer has been with you for 3 years, you’ll want to state so. If they are new, you’ll want to say that, too. You’ll also want to offer any assistance on using newer products they’ve purchased, and their thoughts on older products they’ve purchased. Most of all, ensure that you’re not asking them for a sale right now.

**Add More Facts to Your Data **

Based on the responses you get to your personalized emails, add more data to the facts you’re collecting on each of your top customers on your list. Every piece of information you can glean from your customers can help you serve them better - as well as serve customers you don’t even know yet better.

Improve Your Autoresponders and Tagging

With the information you’ve gathered, you can use it to improve your autoresponders. Take the time right now to add autoresponder messages for every single customer who purchases a product from you to check in after they’ve had time to use the product to find out if you can help them use it or help them improve their experience.

When you use personalized marketing, in many ways, it’s part of a long-game strategy and not something that is going to start working overnight. Right now, you want to connect with your top customers - choosing the top 100 or even just the top 10 depending on your time and money resources - and build that relationship closer without selling them. Just get in touch with them, point out their awesomeness, and be helpful.

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and I thought that only Big companies collect user data... :)
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