Three Different Way to Reach Out and Connect to Your Hottest Leads

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Three Different Way to Reach Out and Connect to Your Hottest Leads

Once you have used data mining through your platforms to identify and differentiate your hottest leads for your highest-priced products and services - those people who open emails, engage with you, have already bought other things, and are likely ready to buy your high value offers - you can use the information you know about them to start reaching out to them in a more personal way.

Let’s talk about three different ways to reach out to and connect with your hottest leads and make it as personalized as possible.

Email Autoresponders

You can use your autoresponder to build and nurture strong relationships with your customers if you set it up to be more personalized. Use tagging even if you have a list-based system to gain more control over the segmentation and personalization of your subscribers.

Take the time to look at the buyer’s journey. What steps does your buyer now take, and what happens once they take each step?

For example, if you invited some of your list members who bought low-priced solution A to your discussion group and they joined, what tagging happens so that you don’t invite them again, and what is the next step you want them to take?

The next step requires that you tag them to receive the next nurturing email messages to move through your funnel in a smooth and unpressured away. Your autoresponder messages should try to lead your customers through your funnel in a way that helps you learn more information about them while they are also learning more information about you and your solutions.

Direct Personal Email Message

This is a great way to reach out to your top customers and leads. This is not something you want to do for very many people. You will need to keep this list lower to about 10 people and definitely no more than 100, depending on how big your customer base is and how deep your pockets are and how much time you have.

Use the data you have to compile a list of top customers, a full profile of each person, identifying their success, fears, and other information that you can use to guide and help them move through your marketing funnel.

When you write these types of letters, tell them that you are sending them this special message because of what they mean to you as a customer. Let them know, and show them by the words in the message, that they are special. In this email, you’ll want to offer different ways to communicate, from instant messaging to a phone call. After all, the best companies communicate with their customers the way the customer wants to communicate. Finding out your customers’ preferences is vital to your success.

Facebook Messenger and or IM

Another way to communicate with your top customers is via Facebook Messenger and via Instant Messaging of any kind. If you notice, a lot of well-known businesses offer instant message-based communication via the website right when you need extra help.

You can also use Facebook messenger and text-based messaging with your top customers, too. For the most part, you need to have some form of permission to do this. You can collect cell phone numbers, Facebook profile info, and more via your initial contact with your customers through autoresponder email messages and surveys.

The Old-Fashioned Phone Call

For some customers, getting an old-fashioned phone call will be the best way to truly impress them with your personalized attention. If you’ve collected phone numbers during your interactions with your customers, there is no reason you cannot call them. It’s completely legal to telephone a customer just as it is to email them a personal email without the autoresponder.

Before you do call them, take the time to examine their customer files so that you can speak to them individually based on their actions and behavior. Tell them thank you, ask them if there is anything you can do to make the product work better for them, and open up other lines of communication if they want.

Remember, you can use all three of these methods to differentiate and segment your most special customers. After all, you may phone and only leave a message, you may send an instant message, and it may be ignored, and emails sometimes go to spam. Using all three methods to reach out and touch your clients and customers is going to get more bang for your buck. The good thing is that most of it isn’t going to take that much time or effort, but it will be meaningful to your customers.

Thanks for reading.
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