Affiliate Marketing Episode 1

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As an affiliate whether new or old you will always see the same saying over and over. It will always be in one of a few formats, but the message has stayed the same for longer than I have been in this business.

  • "Do not miss out on this opportunity"
  • "This opportunity will not be around forever"
  • "This is the opportunity that will change everything"
  • And so so many more versions of this

Every single month I think I miss out on at least a dozen "opportunities". Let me set the record straight: Opportunity is a misnomer. There are very rarely "opportunities" that can change everything about how you build an affiliate marketing business.

The affiliate marketing business realistically has not changed all that much in decades. There will always be people out there selling you some magic beans that will make you a millionaire overnight. And unfortunately, some people will purchase the magic beans only to find out that they are just regular beans and there is no magic formula. There is no single answer. There is no opportunity.

If you want to build a business as an affiliate you have to show up every day. You have to have a way for people to notice you. You have to have a method to communicate with people. Most generically this will be a list. This list is the lifeblood of an affiliate marketers business. It does not matter what form the list is in. But this list is essentially your customer base, or your followers, or whatever you want to call it. But you need this.

And everyone starts at the same place. ZERO. Zero people on our list, zero followers, zero people interested in what we talk about. But we grow the list through many different methods and we tell our list about products that we love and recommend and those people will then hopefully go look at the product and even more so, purchase something.

BUT, we cannot spend all of our time "recommending" or "selling" products or services to our list. The majority of the time we need to be building a relationship with our list. Usually the list will be dedicated to a specific niche, like aquariums or cats. And we will talk to our list through blog posts, emails, videos, social media posts, etc.. about what we are doing within that niche. And if done right, when you do finally recommend a product, your list will check it out, and probably purchase.

Now this sounds like a lot of work, and truthfully, it is. But as an affiliate, my favorite part is that I can do all of this from home and not have to put on pants (gross). As an affiliate there is no "get rich quick" there is no secret formula to be a success overnight.

And most of all there are NO OPPORTUNITIES. Every time I hear someone talk about an "Opportunity" I cringe a little. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, will make you successful as an affiliate marketer except YOU.


I have tried some of these things but it did not turn out well.
I know it works for some people but it is not my thing.

Yeah the few people that things like this work on usually have some common factors. They already have a list, they invest a lot of time/money, they keep building even though the initial return is close to nothing. It simple just takes time.

Great post Blain -
The number one product is the self, if you cannot promote you then why would people even entertain the idea of joining anything that you might be a member of.

Psst Psst , ya anna buy a watch ?? genuine article, Rolex watches only $15 dollars

Exactly! Marketing has always been about self and promoting what you are doing. If you think of BIG names in affiliate marketing, they all have the same common theme. They promote themselves first and talk about what they did and are doing!

And no thank you the sweet sweet Rolex... LOL

Another great insight into the affiliate marketing world... Times are changing and the industry is changing...

Thanks for sharing!

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Hello @blainjones

Thank you for this great article, I can see that Affiliate marketing is really a thing of the past in that it is all about marketing what you know and hwat you have to offer.

Affiliate concepts are still there, its just about, what they have said for time immemorial, its in the list


Me too. I agree with about that. Thank you point out these thing.