We Are Almost Done With Phase 1 at ClickTrackProfit!!!

in ctp •  8 months ago 

As you know, we relaunched CTP almost a week ago!!!

We have been working to fix any bugs that have come up and at the same setting up the build and release for ctptalk, which is now open and is AMAZING!!!

As we continue on, a few things to highlight:

- The Gauntlet - Remember this is NOT a te... YOU the rater maintain a rating "grade" the better and more valued your reviews and rating within the community, the greater weight your ratings will hold. The goal is not to rate 500 websites everyday. The goal is to give a few detailed and quality reviews and ratings for member's websites. 

- The Badge Hunt - Very quickly we are approaching the end of this badge hunt. Remember, you have to get all the badges!

- Teams - As we continue forward we will be starting a season soon. That means that team leaders (Entrepreneur Level or higher are capable of being team leaders) need to make sure their team only has a maximum of 10 members. Any more and you will not be eligible to compete in any season. Get your team active and ready to rock because we are going to come out of the gate sprinting with the first Season of the new CTP!

- The Scavenger Hunt - This replaced the subs and vaults completely, we have made it cheaper than ever while not restricting it to two sites or just te's. Any site can host Luke the ListBuilder! If you are not sure how to host Luke at your site, submit a support ticket!

- Owners - If you own a website of any kind, make sure that you integrate your website with CTP, there is a lot more coming in the near future and we want you to be a part of it!

- CTPTalk - This is the premier blogging platform where YOU GET PAID for providing content to the community! We are going to implement a few things in the near future to help you earn not just from other CTP Members but the entirety of the internet as well! BUT YOU MUST USE IT!!!! You have a method at your fingertips that can pay for all of your upgrades and purchases, if you just use it!

- And So Much More - Yeah you hear that all the time with every sales pitch, but there is no pitch here! We are going to continue to build this and introduce a few other things as we move into CTP Phase II or Kore2 or SuperAwesomeSauce! You can call it anything really, but we will soon find out what is in store next!

And as always, build you and your brand first and foremost. DO NOT BUILD SOMEONE ELSE'S BRAND FOR THEM!

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Interesting, this is the only post that showed up in my feed. Why don't Jon's show up I follow him??

Might need to kick it, the condenser seems to be laggy and doesn't always show....Try clicking on 'new' or trending....

Thanks, I refreshed and more showed up.

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Love CTP, Love CTP Talk and really really excited to see what the future holds with this re birthed and new adventure

Wow! Still so much to learn.. I don't know where to start really. I guess I'm going to keep going through the lessons & all.

Greetinngs, I am so happy you folks have relaunch the CTP! And allso interesting to read about the updates. This project is great and I see a bright future with it. Respect and success for the work you folks do! -Sig

Great work, I like the new CTP and I am excited about your coming updates, keep it up and stay awesome.

I'd love to get into all this stuff more and I like all the information. It is a lot to take in and learn so I may be a little slow doing all of it. Great information and thanks again.

looking forward to see a new ctp team season with all the changes