Bradley's Market Report for 13th Feb 2021 - Lock down.

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Hello everyone,


Let me do the graphs for my daily market report first. Everything seems to be trending down a bit, but this is only short term looking so in my opinion all is good.





Bitcoin: $46,767.39

Hive: $0.2229



Without me rambling on about Newfoundland & Labrador being back in Level 5 lock down (our highest level) because of the spread of the UK variant. I will link to CBC News so you can read it yourself if you like. Coronavirus variant puts N.L. back in lockdown; in-person voting in provincial election suspended. To say the least last night when the government called a second media briefing in one day, and at 8:30 at night I new something not good was coming.

Stay safe everyone.


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Have a great day all.