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Morning fellow CTP Talkers and Steemians,


I am just think what a wonderful Community I belong to with CTP Talk and Steem. So I just wanted to let everyone know how thankful I am for being here and my journey so far. Thanks :)


I got my 23 week badge for blogging. WOW. Thanks everyone for the support and inspiration for keep going every day.

Here is the last 24 hour graph of the CTP Token.


Steem: $0.131631 USD (1.95%) 0.00001540 BTC (-2.93%)
Bitcoin: $8,548.18 USD (5.02%) Interesting

My usual plugs Free Crypto

Click Track Profit

Finish up this short post with saying Thank You again.

Now get over to CoinBase with the link above and get over to Click Track Profit with the banner above. Join me in my journey :)


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Thanks for being a part of this community Bradley, and nice done with your consistency, stay awesome.

Thanks again for introducing me to ctp, hopefully you got the credit for referring me. If not, let me know if I can do anything to help.

What is your CTP username? Hopefully @jongolson can figure this out for us.



@billybohner are you on Discord yet?

Yes sir, same username over there too. I like Telegram a little more though. I feel like Discord can be hard to keep up with, due to all the different 'rooms' in each channel.